Shopify Discount Code 2023: Exclusive 3 Months Offer

Shopify Discount Code - Yaguara

Shopify is the go-to platform to start any eCommerce business. People just starting an online business may feel intimidated by the pricing plans of Shopify. However, there are other options to use Shopify at a discounted price. I have written this article to inform you about different ways to get price exceptions in the Shopify monthly subscription fee, including the Shopify Discount Code. Read the article to the end to have complete knowledge of how to get started with the Shopify platform with fewer expenses.

Does Shopify Offer A Discount Code?

Currently, Shopify is not offering any discount code. We’ll keep you updated when Shopify activates the discount code. The only discount that Shopify currently offers is a free trial following three months of subscription fee of just $1. To take advantage of it, click here.

How To Claim Shopify Discount Code? (Step By Step)

The following steps will show you how to save by using Shopify discount codes:

  1. Visit the Shopify official website here.
Shopify Free Trial - Official Page
  1. Start your free trial by entering your mail id as shown in the image below:
Shopify Discount Code - Free Trial
  1. After submitting the email id, answer all the questions related to creating your online store, or you can skip them and respond to them later.
Shopify Discount Code - Question Answer
  1. After choosing all the options about the store, as shown in the images above, you are asked to choose a store name. Choosing a name carefully is important because it will be used permanently for the store. Once the store name has been given, it cannot be changed.
Shopify - Name Your Store

You can unlock the Shopify free trial for three days by providing all the above details. Shopify recently developed an impressive plan for new users who sign up for a free trial. You can use Shopify for a low monthly fee after completing the initial three days of a free trial. Shopify charges as low as $1/month for the following 3 months after completing the three days free trial!

This is one of the best deals you can use if you have just started your online business with Shopify.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Shopify offers 5 different pricing plans with different features, including inventory locations, shipping discounts, staff accounts, analytics, reports, etc. You can choose the Shopify plans based on your business size and requirements. 

Shopify - Pricing Plan

If you already have a website and want to embed the buy button, you can choose the Shopify lite plan. It includes features like the point of sale, the Analytics page, and the financial reports.

Sr.NoShopify PlansPricing
1Basic plan$29/ month
2Shopify$79/ month
3Advanced plan$299/ month
4Shopify lite$9/month
5Shopify Plus$2000/month

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Conclusion: Shopify Discount Code (2023)

Shopify may seem pricey initially, but when your business begins to generate profit, it eliminates many hassles. You will find it useful to have all the features offered in a single dashboard rather than spending additional fees on third-party apps. You can use the Shopify platform for relatively fewer expenses by taking advantage of the free trial and Shopify Coupon Code. I hope this article helped you understand how to use the Shopify platform with discounted prices and Shopify Discount Code. 

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