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If you are starting fresh, what could be a better place to sell your products than Shopify? However, the best things come at a cost.

Similarly, Shopify charges some money to the sellers on each transaction made by the customers. These charges include transaction fees and processing fees applied on purchases made by credit cards and online transactions. 

These charges are reduced with the higher tier plans. When I discovered the platform, I was confused about how the platform deducted money from each sale made, but then, with time, I cleared my concepts. 

Hence, I am clarifying your doubts about how much Shopify makes per sale and what fees each plan charges. 

Shopify Selling Fees

Shopify charges 2.9% and $0.30 on online transactions for each sale in the Basic plan. However, for in-person sales, 2.7% is charged on each sale. 

Besides, if you have opted for the  ‘Shopify Plan,’ you will be charged 2.6% and $0.30 per transaction on each sale made. Comparatively, for the in-store purchase, you will be charged 2.5% on each transaction. 

How much does Shopify make per sale - Selling Fee

Lastly, the top tier plan, known as the ‘Advanced Plan,’ will charge you 2.4% plus a $0.30 fee on each transaction made online. At the same time, you will be charged 2.4% for each in-store transaction. 

To get better insights on how much you will be charged per sale, you can check out the Pricing page of Shopify

Does Shopify Take A Percentage Of Your Profit?

If you accept payments through Credit cards for your Shopify store, you will be charged for each sale made. These fees are not charged upfront and will be deducted from your account after each sale that you make.  

However, you can escape from paying additional fees on the platform by using Shopify Payments to accept payments from customers. 

You can check out their Shopify Payments page to get all the details about the payment process through the Shopify Payments app. 

This exception is not available for Austria, Belgium, and Sweden. For further details on this topic, you can check out their Payments page. 

Breakdown Of Shopify Pricing

Now that I have provided you with information about the fees per sale charged by Shopify, let’s take a detailed look at the money Shopify makes on each sale from users subscribed to different Shopify Plans. 

Let’s start with the Shopify Basic Plan. 

Shopify Basic Plan

The majority of the new users on Shopify choose to go with the basic plan at the beginning of their Shopify journey due to its low price. 

However, one of the downsides of the basic plan is that you will have to pay more as a transaction fee.

Here is a detailed breakdown of fees charged per sale on Shopify with the Basic Plan. 

Monthly Price $39 Per Month 
Yearly price$29 per month 
Transaction fees for third-party processing2.0%
Credit card rates. (In person)2.7%
Credit Card Rates (Online)2.9% + $0.30
Online International or  AMEX credit card rates3.9% + $0.30

While talking about pricing, you might be curious to know what the basic plan offers to the users and its limitations. 

First, let us take a look at the features offered by the plan. 

  • You can create an eCommerce website for your store. 
  • two staff accounts
  • unlimited product listings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Manual order creation
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Discount codes.

However, you do not get access to the advanced features available on Shopify, like performance reports and other analytics. We also have an exclusive discount on Shopify that can help you save up to 25% on your purchase.

Shopify Plan

Next comes the ‘Shopify Plan.’ Let us first take a look at what the plan has to offer you. 

Here are the features that you get in the middle-tier plan of Shopify.

  • Features included in the basic plan.
  • Performance reports.
  • Shopify POS.
  • Gift card payment.
  • Up to 88% shipping discount.
  • Five staff accounts.

What is the transaction fee per sale on the Shopify plan?

The following table breaks down all the charges applied per sale. 

Monthly Price $105 Per Month 
Yearly price$79 per month
Transaction fees for third-party processing1.0%
Credit card rates. (In person)2.5%
Credit Card Rates (Online)2.6% + $0.30
Online International or AMEX credit card rates3.6% + $0.30

Shopify Advanced Plan

Let’s move to the Advanced Plan. 

The Advanced Plan offers the following to its users: 

  • Everything is available in the ‘Shopify Plan.’ 
  • Custom report builder.
  • 15 staff accounts.
  • Up to 1,000 inventory locations.

The Shopify Advanced plan has the lowest transaction fee as compared to the other plans available on the platform. 

Let’s take a look at all the fees applied per transaction in the Advanced plan.

Monthly Price $399 Per Month
Yearly price$299 per month
Transaction fees for third-party processing0.5%
Credit Card Rates (Online)2.4% + $0.30
Online International or AMEX credit card rates3.4% + $0.30
Credit card rates. (In person)2.4%

Shopify Business Plans 

Shopify business plans are best for businesses that want to sell their products through social media, SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc. It helps in providing customers with quick and reliable links to purchase the product from any platform. 

Let me take you through the details of all the fees you must pay per transaction on the Shopify business plans.

Shopify Starter

The Shopify starter plan will cost you $5 per month. 

Shopify Starter

The transaction fees that you need to pay per sale are as follows:

Price $5 Per Month 
Transaction fees for third-party processing5.0%
Credit card rates. (In person)N/A
Credit Card Rates (Online)5.0% + $0.30
Online International or AMEX credit card ratesN/A

Shopify Plus 

The Shopify Plus plan will cost you $2,000 per month. It is an all-in-one solution to sell, advertise, and market the products and to increase the brand’s awareness of your business.

The transaction fees charged per sale on the business plan are as follows:

Price $2000 Per Month
Credit card rates. (In person)2.15%
Credit Card Rates (Online)2.15% + $0.30
Transaction fees for third-party processing0.15%
Online International orAMEX credit card rates1.0%

Shopify 3 Months Offer

Shopify is currently offering new users the ability to access any Shopify plan for just $1 per month for the first 3 months. This limited-time offer provides a low-cost way to try Shopify for your ecommerce business.

With this promotion, you can get started on Shopify for only $1/month rather than paying the regular monthly subscription fees. The discount applies to Shopify’s Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans which normally cost $39, $105, and $399 per month, respectively.

Shopify Special Offer

No matter which tier you select, you’ll only be charged $1 for the first 3 months of usage. This allows you to experience building and running your Shopify store at almost no cost initially. It’s a great way to evaluate if Shopify is the right ecommerce platform for your business before committing.

After the 3-month introductory offer at $1/month expires, your account will then be billed at the normal monthly rate for the plan you selected. So be sure to factor this into your budgeting if you intend to continue on Shopify long-term.

How To Select The Right Shopify Plan?

Now that you are aware of all the plans and pricing available on the platform, you might be wondering which plan will be best for you. 

From the previous experiences I had while using Shopify, I would suggest you start with the basic plan as a beginner. Once you have understood the platform and are able to expand your business, you can upgrade the plan eventually. 

You can enjoy advanced features and reduced transaction costs on the high-tier plans. However, they are suitable only if you need those tools for your business. 

Moreover, starting with the advanced tools and features on the platform would be complicated. But, it would surely be a good choice once you have expanded your business. 

Above all, I recommend you go with the business plans if you own a brand, startup, or small business with a good number of employees. 

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Conclusion: How Much Does Shopify Take Per Sale?

Summing up, Shopify makes a minimum of 2.15% + $0.30 on each sale made by a seller. Besides, It can make 5.0% + $0.30 per sale on maximum. 

As I have explained earlier, these numbers vary according to the plan you have chosen, the method of payment used by the purchaser, and the amount of sales you have made. 

I hope the above article has helped you get an idea of the dollars Shopify makes per sale. You can check out our website for other such articles related to Shopify. 


How much commission does Shopify take per product?

Shopify charges different fees per sale according to the plan you have chosen. If you have subscribed to the basic plan, you will be charged 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. At the same time, the Shopify plan and ADvanced plan charge 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction and 2.4% + 30 cents per transaction, respectively. 

Is Shopify free to sell on?

Shopify is not a free platform to sell on. You will have to subscribe to a plan in order to start selling on Shopify. However, if you are a new user, you can start your Shopify journey with a free trial and then pay $1 per month for the next three months by signing up for a monthly Starter or Basic plan. 
Note that you will still have to pay the transaction fee per sale. 

How much does the average person make selling on Shopify?

On average, a person can earn around $3,897 by selling on Shopify. This number may vary according to the experience and the number of hours you dedicate to your Shopify store. 

How does Shopify pay sellers?

Shopify users receive payouts through different methods like PayPal, Bank Account, Wire transfer, etc. Besides, you get access to certain payout methods depending on the country, region, and currency that you want to get your payout converted into. 

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