Thrive with the Power of Your Data

eCommerce business needs & operations are changing. You need a strategy that works for your unique goals. That's why we designed a custom plan to work hands-on with your team, so you can focus on the big picture.

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The 90-Day Plan
Month 1:

Establish your company baselines and identify benchmarks.

Month 2:

Understand the key drivers of your business and cohort behavior.

Month 3:

Optimize your business goals, increase sophistication & act.

Step 1

Aggregate & Unify Data in Yaguara’s Platform

Integrate your data within the platform. Here, it's normalized using industry best practices so that you can get the full picture, define your own metrics, and gain cross-functional insight.

Step 2

Get a Historical + Industry Benchmarks Report

Our goal is to help you establish your progress benchmarks by analyzing your historical performance compared to industry norms. You'll receive monthly reports, so you're always working toward organizational goals with fresh insights and information.

Step 3

Establish New Baselines & Metrics to Monitor

Once your benchmarks have been established, we'll work hands-on with your team to establish new baselines to aim for, as well as key performance indicators to monitor on an on-going basis.

Step 4

Identify Key Drivers & Cohort Behavior

What is your audience behavior telling you? Yaguara's team will help you surface the drivers of your business and identify key cohorts or audiences to prioritize with time and resources.

Step 5

Retarget, Optimize, and Increase Sophistication

Once you're set up properly, we'll focus on granularity and sophistication within your connected operations. You'll have access to on-going support and have the option to integrate additional tools as you scale your goals and team.

Monthly Deliverables
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Performance report
Industry report
Top cohort report
Goal coaching
Leading indicator report
Insight & anomaly review