So, what is Yaguara?

Yaguara is a connected operating platform that helps commerce companies create a single source of truth for their teams, using real-time data and predictive analytics. We empower companies to make better decisions because they see their data in context and get individualized insights and recommendations about it.

Our users become future-forward thinkers. They’re given meaningful intelligence that elevates communication and decision-making. They’re able to take thoughtful, intentional steps toward unique team or company-wide goals. Working in Yaguara’s platform make them feel more agile, more sophisticated, and at a serious advantage. They've found an edge.

We’re in business to give teams a fundamentally new way of working together, one that uses data as the foundation for transparent communication, real-time understanding, and forward-looking decision-making for users across an organization.

Stay In ONe Place

Centralized data

With our platform, you don’t have to be a data scientist or a developer to pull data together and integrate it into a unified data set. After a fast, easy set-up, you’ll have a single single source of truth across all projects, with Yaguara as your guide every step of the way.

Stay Driven

Data in a business context

Our platform situates your data so it’s possible to see how your company is doing across projects, campaigns, and other initiatives. But we’ve also tied OKRs into the platform. With goal-setting built right in, you can finally connect goals to data. It’s business intelligence made easy.

Stay Informed

Proactive insights

Our platform puts data in a business context so you can understand how you're doing as a company. But we go one better than that, providing users with individualized, forward-looking insights and recommendations from that data. We sail beyond other analytics tools, giving you predictive insights that are specifically tailored to the user.

Start empowering your people with real-time data today