12 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools Of 2023 (Top Picks)

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Finding the right keywords to boost Amazon SEO efforts is a nerve-wracking process! 

Getting the most high-converting keywords with their CPC, search volume, and other insights is definitely not a one-person job. And exactly here, Amazon keyword research tools come into the scene. 

To make your pick easier, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of tools and picked the 12 best Amazon Keyword research tools you should try once. 

To add a cherry on top, the list contains paid and free tools. 

Ready to explore? Let’s start!

Top 12 Amazon Keyword Research Tools: An Overview (2023)

Amazon Keyword Research ToolsHighlightsPricing
1. Amazon Brand AnalyticsAmazon’s own keyword research toolFree (not for every seller)
2. Amazon Keyword Tool by AhrefsHas 100 million keywords on Amazon US aloneFree
3. Jungle ScoutProvides Historical search volume of for predicting demand$29-$84/month
4. Helium 10Shows “non-English keywords” and “commonly search typos.” $29-$229/month
5. SellerAppHas over 135 million keywords databases$0-$49/month
6. Scientific SellerPulls out-of-the-box keywordsFree
7. MerchantWordsOffers a suite of terrific tools for keyword research$35-$749/month
8. Viral Launch Offers advanced relevancy filter$69-$199/month
9. Keyword Tool DominatorCovers 18 International Amazon marketplaces$29 one-time
10. DataHawkProvides data-driven keyword analysisCustom price
11. SonarOffers fresh and up-to-date resultsFree 
12. SellozoCustom PriceOn Request

Let’s discuss these in detail: 

1. Helium 10 (Cerebro And Magnet)

Helium 10 has streamlined Amazon sellers’ keyword research process by offering two awesome keyword tools — Cerebro and Magnet. 

Cerebro is mainly a reverse ASIN lookup tool. Meaning, enter a product ASIN, which helps you know everything about that product. This way, you can evaluate the most effective keywords and leverage competitors’ keywords to boost your own ranking strategy on Amazon. 

Helium 10

On the other hand, Magnet helps you access the largest database of search terms and thousands of traffic-driving keywords. 

In a nutshell, Helium 10 is a perfect Amazon keyword research tool every seller needs to keep in his tech stack. 

How Keyword Scout Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • Pulls high-volume, highly effective keywords for your Amazon listing. 
  • You can add upto 10 ASINs at a time to quickly find high-intent keywords.
  • Levels up your PPC campaign by evaluating products in the “Frequently Bought Together” section. 
  • Finds historical keyword search volume.
  • Its ‘Magnet IQ Score” sets a custom score of the evaluated keywords based on their search volume, so you can easily compete with your rivals. 
  • Easily find “non-English” keywords and “commonly search typos” to outrank your competitors. 


  • Starter: $39/month
  • Platinum: $99/month
  • Diamond: $279/month

2. Amazon Keyword Tool By Ahrefs

Ahrefs has built a dedicated tool for Amazon sellers called the “Amazon keyword tool” that helps you find high-performing keyword ideas for your listing. 

Since they have nearly 100 million keywords on Amazon US alone, just enter a broad term, and it’ll pull tens of thousands of search terms that you can further refine by their search volume, clicks, etc. 

Amazon Keyword Tool By Ahrefs

What differentiates Ahrefs’ Amazon Keyword Tool from others? Whereas other keyword research tools find data from Amazon autocomplete, and Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs analyzes the browsing behavior of Amazon buyers. 

Additionally, you can also perform local keyword research and competitor analysis to stay ahead in the game. 

How Afrefs’ Amazon Keyword Tool Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • You can filter the evaluated keywords by their search volume, clicks, etc.
  • It shows almost accurate data as it analyzes customer behavior on Amazon.
  • Get deep insights on CPS (Clicks per research) and RR (return rate).
  • Perform local keyword research.
  • Keep an eye on competitors’ keyword strategies and check what keywords they are ranking for.

Pricing: Free

3. Jungle Scout (Keyword Scout)

Keyword Scout is an amazing addition by Jungle Scout that helps uncover high-performing keywords within minutes.

This Amazon keyword search tool also helps you view the historical search volume of keywords for up to two years to help you predict the product’s future demand and craze among customers. 

Jungle Scout

Moreover, with Keyword Scout, you can reverse-search up to 10 ASINs and compare their keywords for your listing to outrank your rivals. 

If you are planning to invest in PPC advertising, this tool would have your back in your keyword strategy. 

How Keyword Scout would help in your keyword research:

  • Find high-quality keywords.
  • Perform competitor keyword analysis.
  • Get an overview of the product’s historical search volume to predict seasonality and future trends.
  • Get instant insight into a product’s PPC campaign performance so you can strategize your own in a better way.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Suit: $49/month
  • Professional: $84/month

4. Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics is an underrated Amazon seller tool that can give you phenomenal keyword ideas with other insightful reports and data. 

Mainly, it’ll give you an overview of keywords from two different perspectives — one is clicked share, and the second one is conversion share.

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools - Amazon Brand Analytics

For example, if you enter a search term, it’ll precisely show you which product is getting more sales and which product is getting more clicks from customers. And this way, you can filter out which product you should add to your listing. 

And the best part? There is no guesswork. It pulls 100% correct data for sellers as this tool is built by Amazon itself. 

Note: Not every seller can use Amazon Brand Analytics. You have to tick off some criteria (like you need to be an Amazon brand registry member, and your brand must maintain an active trademark) to access this tool. 

How Amazon Brand Analytics would help in your keyword research:

  • Find out the exact terms your customers are using while searching for a product.
  • Get 100% accurate data.
  • Get to see other products your customers are buying alongside yours.
  • Get keywords from clicks and conversion perspectives. 

Pricing: Free

5. SellerApp

SellerApp is an all-in-one Amazon seller tool that helps merchants with various operations, data, intelligent automation, etc.

Its keyword explorer function enables you to find millions of high-performing keywords in seconds so you can optimize your product listing and boost your visibility in the search result. 

What’s more interesting? SellerApp uses Artificial Intelligence to pull competitors’ keyword strategies and lets you know which keyword is driving more traffic in their listing. 


Furthermore, customers have a 97% satisfaction rate with SellerApp. The keyword research tool never compromises its data quality and updates them once a day to fetch the most relevant insight for the sellers. 

How SellerApp Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • It has over 135M+ keyword databases.
  • Find high-converting keywords with ease.
  • Uses AI to leverage competitors’ keyword strategies.
  • Each keyword comes with its search volume, CPC cost, and estimated order to strengthen your Amazon SEO. 
  • Find high-converting long-tail keywords with less competition.


  • Freemium: $0
  • Pro Lite: $39/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Custom: Contact SellerApp team

6. Scientific Seller

This Amazon keyword research tool sets itself apart by saying the “world’s slowest keyword tool.” Why? Because it believes in perfectionism and thinks “out of the box.” 

Sure, other keyword research tools would pull thousands of keywords in the blink of an eye. But Scientific Seller goes further and takes a night (or even longer) to churn out more creative keywords that we never knew existed. 

Usually, it gathers keywords from various resources, including Latest Semantic Indexing. So, there’s no doubt about the keywords’ effectiveness.

Scientific Seller

If you feel overwhelmed while qualifying these keywords, let Scientific Seller figure out which keywords you must add to your listing to boost your conversion rate. So, if you heard the saying “slow but steady wins the race” and believed in it, Scientific Seller is just for you. 

How Scientific Seller Would Help In Keyword Research:

  • It’s slow but pulls the most creative and versatile keywords for your listing. 
  • Helps you figure out which keyword you must add to your listing. 
  • Gets you lots of “Blacksheep keywords” that your competitors are unaware of.
  • Always brings fresh and up-to-date results.
  • Doesn’t show you misleading data about search volume.

Pricing: Free

7. MerchantWords

MerchantWords is another top-notch Amazon keyword research tool to find high-performing keywords to empower your business. 

It precisely jumps into top shoppers’ searches and competitors’ rankings so you can get the most trending insights. 

However, unlike other keyword research tools available in the market, MerchantWords offers a suite of awesome tools that allows you to find top-performing keywords in every way possible. 


For example, its ASIN Plus is a powerful reverse ASIN lookup feature, while Emerging Trends gives you an overview of brand-new searches on Amazon. 

On the other hand, its Keyword Multiplier helps you find related keywords to the seed keyword so you don’t miss any chances to rank higher on search results.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated feature called Page 1 Products to find which keywords are ranking on the 1st page for a given keyword. 

How MerchantWords Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • Leverage competitors’ ranking strategies.
  • Offers a suite of awesome tools, including ASIN Plus, Collection, Emerging Trends, Keyword Multiplier, and more
  • Has a bulk search feature to speed up the process.


  • Silver: $35/month
  • Gold: $79/month
  • Platinum: $149/month
  • Enterprise: $749/month

8. Viral Launch

By offering an advanced relevancy filter, Viral Launch gives neck-to-neck competition to other Amazon keyword research tools listed here. 

Starting from reverse ASIN lookup and search volume data to historical insights of a keyword, this tool literally leaves no chance to fetch the most relevant results for sellers. 

Viral Launch

Its Opportunity Score function shows you the most in-demand yet low-competition keywords so you can boost your sales within a limited period. 

Moreover, Viral Launch helps you optimize your sponsored ad with detailed insights into keyword bidding. 

How Viral Launch Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • Pulls data directly from Amazon — no guesswork!
  • Get top hidden keyword gems with its advanced relevancy filter.
  • Gets you highly relevant low-competition keywords.
  • Analyzes competitors’ keyword strategies.
  • Provides insights into keyword bidding. 


  • Essentials: $69/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199/month

9. Keyword Tool Dominator

With 23500+ users, Keyword Tool Dominator is another amazing keyword research tool to find excellent search terms, including popular keywords, long-tail keywords, niche keywords, etc.

Its Amazon Keyword tool offers a popularity score that represents the search popularity of a particular keyword. Moreover, the tool is highly relevant to perform competitor analysis

Keyword Tool Dominator

And the best part? It is not limited to the US only. Instead, you can perform a solid keyword search for 18 International Amazon marketplaces, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, and so on. 

How Keyword Tool Dominator Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • Find tens of thousands of high-converting keywords with just a click of your mouse.
  • Analyzes competitors’ keyword strategies.
  • Find popular product keywords, including long-tail keywords, niche keywords, and so on.
  • Time-to-time free updates.

Pricing: $29 (One-Time Payment)

10. DataHawk

DataHawk’s Amazon keyword research tool provides data-driven keyword analysis to increase your organic rank. Like other Amazon keyword research tools, it offers a dedicated Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool. 


Even if you are looking to invest in a paid campaign, it can give you relevant keywords to win the advertising game.  One aspect that I really liked is its intuitive interface, making it easier for beginners to use it. 

How DataHawk Would Help In Your Keyword Search:

  • Tracks keyword data
  • Boosts your PPC strategy with relevant keywords.
  • Offers Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool
  • Shows accurate keyword competition scores. 


You need to contact the Datahawk team for custom pricing.

11. Sonar

Last but certainly not least is Sonar. With over 180 million keywords generated by real Amazon shoppers, Sonar fetches efficient keywords to improve your visibility and selling. 

Sonar always remains up-to-date with the latest trends and Amazon algorithm so it can pull the most relevant solution for sellers. Hence, if there’s a new category with less search volume, it won’t be included in its evaluated keywords. 


Moreover, it finds you the most high-performing keyword for your Amazon PPC and keyword bidding. And the best part is you don’t need to sign up to use this tool. You can simply check its official website to use this tool instantly. 

One drawback you might face with Sonar is it only covers Amazon US and Amazon DE. So, if you are targeting other marketplaces, it won’t be the right tool. 

How Sonar Would Benefit Your Amazon Keyword Research:

  • It has over 180 million keyword databases.
  • Helps you find relevant keywords for Amazon PPC, product listing, and keyword bidding.
  • It only shows keywords ranking on page 1.
  • Analyzes shoppers’ behavior and then fetches any results

Pricing: Free

12. Sellozo

Sellozo is an AI-powered keyword research platform tailored specifically for discovering high-value keywords to target on Amazon. It goes beyond standard volume and competitiveness metrics to identify profitable, high-converting keywords using predictive algorithms.

Sellozo crawls Amazon daily to uncover market demand signals like reviews, ratings, browsing behaviors, and sales history of both keywords and products. These indicators help expose not just high-traffic keywords but keywords demonstrating commercial intent to purchase.


For Amazon sellers, Sellozo provides keyword opportunities ideal for profitable targeting. The tool evaluates criteria like conversion rates, review positivity, and recent sales trajectories around terms. This results in suggested keywords optimized for sales potential beyond just searching for popularity.

How Sellozo Would Help In Your Keyword Research:

  • Uncovers high-converting keywords based on purchase signals
  • Identifies relevant long-tail variants around core keywords
  • Analyzes monthly search trends and seasonality
  • Compares keywords across competing products
  • Filters keyword ideas by category, price, and other attributes
  • Exports keyword lists for PPC and product listing optimization
  • Tracks keyword ranking positions over time

Pricing: You need to request a demo, and after that, they will create a custom plan for you.

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Conclusion: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools (2023)

Our list of the best Amazon Keyword research tools will help you in this process in every way possible. 

Bonus Tip: Instead of relying on one tool, you should try your hands out at least two or three different keyword research tools to drive better sales in your business. 

Still confused about which one you should go for? I’d recommend going for Helium 10, Scientific Seller, and Viral Launch. 

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