ChatGPT For eCommerce: How To Use It To Increase Sales In 2023?

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It has impacted every industry with its potential, and eCommerce is no exception. From small tasks to advanced marketing efforts, ChatGPT has elevated the eCommerce genre to the next level. 

But still, most eCommerce marketers/business owners are unaware of ChatGPT’s intervention in their businesses. They still don’t know how to utilize ChatGPT to get the best out of it to increase CX and conversions. 

Thus, here we have come up with 11 best ways and examples of using chatGPT for eCommerce businesses.  

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Using ChatGPT For Your eCommerce Business

Though ChatGPT is one of the best large language model AI tools to date, you still need to take care of a few things before using ChatGPT for your eCommerce store:

  • The outcomes will be based on the quality of the inputs

You have to guide ChatGPT to get the best out of it. If you use generic prompts, it’ll give common and non-specific answers. 

In contrast, giving it adequate information and proper prompts will give you the best results. Thus, work on prompts first before using ChatGPT. 

  • Use clear words while writing prompts

You need to use simple and conversational words while writing prompts. This way, you can generate more cohesive results from ChatGPT. 

  • Sometimes, it produces incorrect information

ChatGPT itself has warned users about its incorrect outputs. Thus, whatever ChatGPT is producing, ensure to recheck it once to confirm its accuracy. 

  • Less knowledge of the recent market trends

ChatGPT has limited knowledge about the events after 2021. Thus, if you are trying to get the latest trends/news, you might face issues in that case. 

11+ Mind-Blowing Ways To Use ChatGPT For eCommerce

Let’s see how you can use ChatGPT’s potential to unlock your eCommerce business growth  – 

1. Develop Unique Marketing Plans for Your eCommerce Business 

If you are just starting your own online store and don’t have enough budget to invest in a marketing team, ChatGPT has your back. You can use this AI tool to help you brainstorm some unique ideas to market your products.  

ChatGPT For eCommerce - Marketing Plan

Not only that, even if you have a dedicated marketing team for your eCommerce business, then also you can use ChatGPT as a junior marketing team member. 

Dedicated Marketing

Let’s see how you’ll do that – 

We asked ChatGPT to give some unique marketing strategies for an eCommerce store that sells home decor items. And this is what it produced:

Though we are quite impressed with the results, we asked it to produce some trending eCommerce marketing strategies too. And guess what?

It gave us options like visual home staging, interactive quizzes, and virtual workshops, which are in demand, and the most popular brands in the home decor space use these strategies to sell their products

Thus, in a nutshell, ChatGPT is quite impressive and efficient when it comes to getting unique and in-demand marketing strategies for businesses. 

2. Create A Pitch To Hire Talent For Your eCommerce Business

You can use ChatGPT as a talent acquisition partner. Be it for creating a pitch or a contract, ChatGPT would help you multi-dimensionally. 

For example, we asked ChatGPT to create a pitch to hire an influencer/brand ambassador for a skincare brand and guided it in the same way. 

And this was the result – 

To be honest, we admire it. Though it’s not the best possible way to create a pitch, and you have to modify it further, but we find it quite accurate as a first draft. 

Create A Pitch

(Pro Tip: If you are reaching out to an influencer, modify the pitch further with an appraisal of their work or their recent posts to eliminate the “robotlike” vibes from it.)

3. Use ChatGPT As Your Personal Programmer

Though ChatGPT is widely used for its ability to produce long-form and short-form content, you can also use it to write programming code in a variety of languages like C++, Javascript, etc. 

However, you must be thinking – then how will it benefit my eCommerce business?

You can utilize ChatGPT’s coding ability in many cases. For example – You have a Shopify store, and you want to fetch all the products and prices from Shopify API and store them in a Google Spreadsheet. 

Use Chat Gpt Personal Programmer

Now, all you have to do is to write “Google App Script that fetches all products and price tags from Shopify API and stores them in a Google Spreadsheet.” as prompts.  And that’s it! 

It’ll produce a functional code for you. However, it might cause minor errors sometimes. Thus we recommend you check it manually to avoid bugs. 

4. Use ChatGPT To Speed Up The Calculation Process

Another best way to use ChatGPT is to use it as your personal accountant. Though you have to cross-check the whole calculation, but as far as our experience is concerned, it gives accurate results based on the prompts you give it. 

For example – we asked ChatGPT to calculate a profit margin on the selling costs. You can see how clearly and comprehensively it has pulled out the whole process. So, we’ll give a huge thumbs up to ChatGPT for this. 

Use ChatGPT To Speed Up

However, let’s get a bit trickier!

We asked ChatGPT to create a table showing quantity breaks discounts and guided it accordingly. And voila! It was pretty accurate with the result.  

Use ChatGPT Create A Table

These are the reasons that confirm ChatGPT’s accuracy as a calculator, and you can benefit from it for your eCommerce business. 

5. Use ChatGPT For Email Marketing Campaigns

As an eCommerce business owner, you don’t have much time to check customer behavior all the time and nurture them further. But here, ChatGPT can be your savior. Use this platform to generate email copy for lead nurturing, abandoned cart recovery, and customer engagement. 

To check ChatGPT’s efficiency in email marketing, we asked it to write an email copy for a customer who visits our store daily but doesn’t make any purchases. And this is what it created – 

Use ChatGPT For Email Marketing

To be honest, we liked the body of the copy and the way it tried to engage with the customer. But you’ve to work on the subject line to make it more engaging and persuasive. Otherwise, the copy is quite good as a first draft. 

6. Write Product Description With ChatGPT

While shopping online, product description is the foremost factor that directly impacts customers’ buying decisions. And ChatGPT can make the process easier for you. It can create compelling yet concise product descriptions for your eCommerce store. And the best part? – ChatGPT uses “storytelling” to portray the product’s quality and uniqueness. 

Write Product Description

Let’s take an example – We asked ChatGPT to create a product description for swimwear, and the result is amazing. It has used the words “confident” and “comfortable,” creating an emotional touchpoint. Thus, you can undoubtedly rely on ChatGPT to create descriptions for your eCommerce products.

7. Generate Unlimited Social Media Posts/Blog Posts With ChatGPT

Apart from creating an email copy or product description, ChatGPT can also craft social media promotional posts or blog posts for your eCommerce store or products. 

Generate Unlimited Social Media Posts

Now, here’s the catch! 

Though it creates decent blog posts or Social media posts, but it’s not up to the mark. People use social media for entertainment and read blog posts to get some insights. Thus, it’s better to add a human touch, storytelling, and real-time experience to nurture prospects better, where ChatGPT lacks!

Thus, we won’t recommend you to use such generic posts for your social media and blogs. But if you are running out of time and don’t have the budget to hire copywriters, you can use it for a short period, 

(Pro Tip: Most People would recommend you to use ChatGPT for creating Lading pages and Facebook ads. But we highly recommend you not to use ChatGPT in such cases as they are directly related to conversions. So, it’s better if you write them manually.)

8. Use ChatGPT To Evaluate Potential Keywords

Another “not-so-popular” yet effective way to utilize ChatGPT’s potential is to use it for generating keyword clusters. Just enter a seed keyword and ask ChatGPT to bring other keywords related to that topic. It would bring high-potential keywords that would help you rank higher on SERPs and satisfy the search intent. 

Use ChatGPT To Evaluate Potential Keywords

In this example, we asked ChatGPT to pull out some long-tail keywords related to eCommerce product photography, and it was the final outcome that we really liked  

9. ChatGPT Helps In Competitor Analysis

You can also use ChatGPT to perform competitor analysis! Yes, you heard that right.

 Though it’s not able to tell you who exactly your competitors are, but it would give the exact steps of analyzing competitors’ behavior and ways to outperform them. 

ChatGPT Helps In Competitor Analysis

For example, we asked ChatGPT to give us the ways of competitor analysis for our online clothing brand. And surprisingly, it gave us different types of options, such as analyzing their online presence, studying their pricing strategies, reading their customer reviews, and so on. 

It proves ChatGPT can help you with competitor analysis and ways to beat them. 

10. Enhance CX with ChatGPT

Being a Natural Language Processing technology, ChatGPT can help you generate personalized responses to your customer queries. 

While other bot platforms produce boring and botlike answers, ChatGPT takes a step forward by providing accurate yet conversational replies to different questions. Thus, eCommerce marketers can make use of this potential of ChatGPT to save their time and increase customer experience. 

11. Create Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are great ways to keep customers engaged with your stores and persuade them to take buying decisions. 

And, ChatGPT can help in that case too. If you find any of your customers is willing to buy a product, ChatGPT can generate similar products to entice the customer to purchase more. 

Create Product Recommendations

Let’s say one of your customers has recently bought a handbag. In that case, ChatGPT can help you with related product recommendations like small leather goods, accessories, etc., that he might be interested in. 

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Wrapping Up! ChatGPT For eCommerce (2023)

ChatGPT is undoubtedly an amazing Chatbot that gives a glimpse of how powerful AI can be in the near future. And when it comes to eCommerce business, ChatGPT can revolutionalize everything if used strategically. 

However, AI is AI at the end of the day. Likewise, ChatGPT also has some limitations and errors that give an extra edge to human creativity. As we already discussed, it might speed up the process by creating the first draft and making some easy calculations, but it’s still far away to match an advanced human brain. 

But what if we use both? What if we take assistance from ChatGPT and blend it with human creativity? Then it would be the most powerful combination that will take the eCommerce marketing efforts and efficiency to the next level. And that’s what we shed light on in this article. 

Hope you have got some unique insights from it. If yes, do let us know below. 

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