62 Dropshipping Statistics For 2024 (Facts & Market Size)

Dropshipping has become popular around the world over the past few years. It has become one of the most used methods on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. 

Besides, dropshipping is preferred by 33% of businesses. If you are one of them and want to get insights into the facts and figures related to dropshipping, You are in the right place. 

In the following article, after going through research from trusted sources, I have compiled the latest data related to drop shipping. You will also find statistics related to the dropshipping platform. 

So what’s the wait for? Let’s get into the details. 

Dropshipping Statistics: Top Picks (2024)

Discover the latest dropshipping statistics and trends for 2024 to help you make informed decisions and succeed in e-commerce.

  1. More than 30% of eCommerce stores use dropshipping to fulfill orders.
  2. The market value of dropshipping is expected to reach $243.42 billion in 2023, with an increase of 23.7% from 2022. 
  3. Dropshipping contributes to 23% of all online sales in the e-commerce industry. 
  4. E-commerce retailers that use dropshipping are found to earn 50% more in comparison to the retailers that utilize their online inventory. 
  5. Dropshippers earn 20 to 30% of the profit from each sale. 
  6. 66% of the consumers said they prefer the dropshipping service that provides them with multiple payment options. 
  7. The leading dropshipping platform is Oberlo, with a market share of 31.5%. It is followed by Printful, which has a market share of 25%. 
  8. Almost 86% of the drop shippers on AliDropship tend to stick to a particular niche. 
  9. Dropshippers fulfill 34% of the sales on Amazon. 
  10. There was an increase from 5.16% to 12.82% in the number of Shopify dropshipping stores. 

General Drop Shipping Statistics

Here are some general statistics related to dropshipping worldwide. 

  1. Around 27% of businesses have adopted dropshipping sales as their primary work model.
  2. $85 billion in sales are earned through dropshipping. It equals almost 23% of all online sales. 
  3. Dropshipping is 10 to 20% times more profitable than affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing in digital products like SaaS and online courses tends to yield more profit. 
  4. There are around 2.64 billion online buyers around the globe, which is almost one-third of the total population. Comparatively, in 2017, there were only 1.66 billion digital buyers worldwide.

The following table displays the number of digital buyers worldwide over the past years. 

YearThe Number Of Digital Buyers Worldwide. 
20141.32 billion
20151.46 billion
20161.52 billion
20171.66 billion
20181.79 billion
20191.92 billion
20202.05 billion
20212.14 billion
20222.32 billion
20232.64 billion
  1. Suppliers tend to earn more profit when they sell their products to dropshippers as compared to making their sales from their stores created online. 
  2. There are around 26.5 million e-commerce stores around the globe. Most of these stores are dropshipping websites. 
  3. Dropshipping stores that have at least one social media account usually generate 32% higher revenue. 
  4. Dropshipping is reported to be the fulfillment model of choice for around 33% of online stores. 

Dropshipping Market Size

This section includes facts and figures related to the dropshipping market size around the world. 

  1. The dropshipping market is expected to be valued at $243.42 billion in the year 2023. This is the first time that the dropshipping market has surpassed $200 billion. This is an increase of 23.7% in the market size compared to 2022.

Besides, in the year 2025, it is expected to reach $372.47 billion. 

The following table displays the estimated value of the dropshipping market size over the years. 

YearThe Market Size Of The Dropshipping Industry
2020$128.6 billion
2021$159.08 billion
2022$196.78 billion
2023$243.42 billion
2024*$301.11 billion
2025*$372.47 billion
2026*$476.1 billion

Source: Statista

  1. The annual growth rate of the dropshipping market is expected to reach 24.39% from 2020 to 2026.
  2. 25% of the dropshipping market revenue is reported from the Asia Pacific region. 
  3. The dropshipping market in China is expected to grow by 29.3% CAGR by the end of the year 2027. It is forecasted to reach $136.7 billion by the year 2027. 

It is followed by Canada and Japan, with a forecasted growth of CAGR of 21.6% and 19%, respectively, between the years 2020 and 2027. 

Besides, in Europe, the top player in dropshipping is Germany, which has an estimated CAGR of 20.3%. 

  1. 30% of the North American dropshipping market is driven by the electronics niche. 
  2. The e-commerce market share of the United States is predicted to reach 16.4% in the year 2023.

The following table displays the percentage of the US e-commerce market share. 

YearPercentage Of US e-commerce Market Share. 

E-Commerce And Dropshipping Industry

  1. The popularity of dropshipping as a fulfillment model is expected to increase with the growing e-commerce industry. There is a 17% increase in the e-commerce industry.
  2. According to Spocket, around 90% of dropshipping businesses fail within the first four months.
  3. The dropshipping and e-commerce profits are recorded to cross $4 billion. For the last ten years, a 7% increase has been recorded in the industry.

Dropshipper Statistics

Here are a few statistics related to dropshippers on different dropshipping platforms. 

  1. Manufacturers that use dropshipping tend to earn 18.33% more than those who don’t use the method.
  2. E-commerce retailers that choose to dropship along with onsite inventory tend to earn more than those that rely on the inventory. 
  3. According to 84% of e-commerce retailers, the main obstacle in dropshipping is finding the right supplier. 
  4. According to the top drop shippers, the success rate in the dropshipping business is around 10 to 20%. 
  5. The average monthly income of a drop shipper is between $1,000 to $5000. The drop shippers earn around 20 to 30% profit from each sale. The drop shippers earn around 10% to 30% profit from each sale.
  6. Only 10% of the dropshippers became successful in the first year of starting the dropshipping journey. 
  7. The most popular category of dropshipping products is clothing. It has a demand of 20.8% in the market as compared to other products. 

Consumer Behavior

Let us look at the consumer behavior statistics related to drop shipping. 

  1. Around 66% of online shoppers said they prefer to buy from a dropshipping service with multiple shipping options. 
  1. The dropshippers have only 15 seconds to grab the attention of their visitors on their dropshipping sites. 
  1. Almost 2.14 billion people worldwide choose to buy from the digital platform. 
  2. Consumers trust the consumer reviews 12 times more than the manufacturer’s description. 
  3. 20.2% of the digital buyers are in the age group of 25 to 34 years. At the same time, 17.2% of digital buyers belong to the age group of 35 to 44%. 

The following table displays the percentage of digital buyers in different age groups. 

YearsPercentage Of Digital Buyers. 

Source: Statista

Dropshipping Platforms

The top dropshipping platforms most used by dropshippers are Oberlo, Shopify, AliDropship, etc. Printful follows Oberlo with 25% of the market share. 

I have provided detailed stats on the top dropshipping Statistics in the following section. 

1. AliDropship

Here are the dropshipping statistics related to AliDrop. 

  1. 86% of the dropshippers that use AliDropship reported that they choose to stick to a particular niche. 
  2. The average revenue per visitor (RPV) for dropshipping is $2.48
  3. 60% of the dropshipping users reported using credit cards, while 40% used PayPal. 
  4. Only 14% of the dropshipping owners on AliDropship are general store owners. 
  5. 18.5% of the dropshippers sell devices, gadgets, and accessories on AliDropship. 
  6. The top countries buying AliDropship custom store packages are the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Canada, and Australia. 

2. Amazon 

The following section includes the dropshipping facts and figures of Amazon. 

  1. A serious Amazon drop shipper earns around $1000 to $50,000 monthly. 
  2. 50% of the units marketed on Amazon are reported to be initiated from third-party sellers. Besides, 22 to 33% of online retailers adopted dropshipping for Amazon as their side gig.
  3. The dropshippers fulfill 34% of Amazon Sales. Besides, 50% of the third-party sellers on Amazon are dropshippers. 

3. eBay

Here are the latest dropshipping Statistics related to eBay. 

  1. $7,731 per month is earned by the top 10% of the dropshippers on eBay. 
  2. Around 25% of the dropshippers on eBay reported making more than $1000 per month on eBay. 
  3. On average, the dropshippers on eBay earn around $ 2.67 in profit for each sale. However, the top 10% earn approximately $3.64 per sale. 

On the other hand, the dropshippers in the bottom 10% tend to lose $2.53 on each sale made. 

  1. On average, eBay dropshippers tend to handle around 969 orders per month. This helps to make them around $2,587 as a monthly profit.
  2. eBay dropshipping offers around a 6% margin, while the average profit margin for the other e-commerce platforms is around 30 to 40%.
  3. On average, eBay dropshippers spend around $1078 on their eBay fees and around $479 on their PayPal fees. 

4. Shopify

Let us take a look at the dropshipping statistics on Shopify

  1. 87% of the Shopify stores reported that they manually ship their products. 
  2. Only 7.77% of the Shopify stores reported using third-party dropshipping services to deliver their products. 
  3. The number of Shopify dropshipping stores increased from 5.16% to 12.82% of all Shopify stores. 
  4. 62.8% of Shopify stores are located in the United States. 
  5. 12.82% of the Shopify Stores reported that they use at least one dropshipping product. 
  6. Around 7.10% of the products in almost all of the Shopify stories are found to be supplied from at least one drop shipping service.

5. Oberlo

This section includes the latest facts and figures on Oberlo Dropshipping. 

  1. Oberlo is the leading dropshipping platform, with a market share of 31.5%.
  2. The stores that use Oberlo aid that they source 81.92% of the products from their platform.

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