Dropshipping Stores for Sale in 2024 (11 Best Platforms)

As a budding e-commerce entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout to find the best dropshipping stores for sale across the internet. I often come across platforms making false claims and selling poor-quality dropshipping stores. 

While there are many ways that you can get started with your dropshipping journey, you can start by building a new store or getting one prebuilt with the help of the upcoming platforms. 

As an active browser of sites selling turnkey online businesses, I’ve come to learn the hallmarks of reputable, established dropshipping stores versus risky investments. 

With this knowledge I’ve gained, I shortlisted the 11 best platforms from where you can buy dropshipping stores that are on sale!

With that, let’s get into the details. 

11 Marketplaces to Buy Dropshipping Stores in 2024

Here are the top 11 dropshipping websites that you can buy quality dropshipping stores from. Find the reasons to choose these websites and the starting price that these offer a dropshipping store for. 

Sr. No.Websites Why choose?Starting Price For A Store
1.FlippaHighly rated online marketplace to buy and sell websites The price varies with each listing
2.Empire FlippersExpert-verified online dropshipping websites with useful insights and metricsThe price varies with each listing 
3.AliDropship Dedicated guidance from a personal manager on any query about the dropshipping store 
 $39/mo for pre-built store.$89 one-time for the AliDropship plugin
4.BrandafyPremium Shopify dropshipping stores at affordable prices.$3 for a new store
5.StartStorezOffers add-on features worth $940 for free $65 with 1 product
6.AcquireTrusted by 200k+ entrepreneurs and offers expert support $390/year for using the platform.
7.DropbuildA fully optimized Shopify dropshipping store$449 per single product store
8.Wholesale2bBeen in the industry for 18+ years and have taken care of entire dropshipping from importing products to shipment.$49.99/mo
9.BeBiggyThe stores are tailored according to users’ needs and filled with fully automated features.$9 for Shopify training stores
10.WoodropshipFlexibility between building and buying a prebuilt WooCommerce store. $89 for the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin.
11.Investors ClubFully vetted businesses, and you can only get access to the listing via membershipMembership cost is $79/month

Did you know? – More than 30% of e-commerce stores use dropshipping to fulfill their orders. The scope for dropshipping is immense, with profit margins ranging from 20% – 30%!

What Are Some Dropshipping Store Types?

Some of the best dropshipping stores for sale that you will find from the listed options in this post are

  1. Turnkey Dropshipping Stores.

The most basic type of dropshipping store that you can also find for the most affordable price is a turnkey dropship store. A turnkey dropshipping store is a ready-to-use store that is built and stacked with products and integrations already. 

  1. Custom Dropshipping Stores.

These are dropship stores that you can customize according to a niche, products, custom name, and logo, etc., and are sold specifically for an e-commerce platform. 

Alternatively, you can use a plugin feature that WooDropship offers to take the entire matter of building a dropship store into your hands. 

  1. Pre-built Dropshipping Stores.

Pre-built dropship stores are simple plug-in stores to start using to run a dropshipping business. There aren’t many customization options that you can expect here as most of the major parts of the store are finished already. 

  1. Fully established Dropshipping businesses. 

While you can get a brand new store, you can also acquire a whole website or business that is into dropshipping for higher prices and to gain higher revenue and profits. 

1. Flippa

One of the best places to buy and sell websites, this online marketplace for websites also sells dropshipping stores on the platform. There are a total of 4,491 dropshipping stores available for sale on Flippa at the time of writing this post. 

Flippa Marketplace

Unlike other options listed in this selection, Flippa does not build a store. The platform acts as a broker between the selling and the buying parties. 

Still, you can find a precise dropshipping store for you with advanced filtering and metric analysis, like the site age, location, net profit, industry, etc, that Flippa provides for each listing. 

The advantages of using Flippa:

  • Detailed analytics of every listing showcasing the history and the potential of the listed website. 
  • Filter websites as per asset type, website type, industry, profit multiple, domain authority, and more!
  • Semrush and Google Ads are integrated with the Flippa dashboard to show the sources of traffic and how the revenue is generated.


Since this is a marketplace and Flippa is the middle-person, the price of each dropshipping website you wish to buy would differ as per your selection. 

However, you can get the Flippa Premium for instant deal access, early listing visibility, SEMrush-powered traffic insights, etc. 

2. Empire Flippers

Known as one of the top marketplaces for acquiring new businesses. Empire Flippers has generated over $400M in digital assets, making it one of the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in the US.

Empire Flippers update their listings every Monday, and list businesses in various niches, including Automotive, Electronics, Lifestyle, beauty, etc. Most of their listings are large-scale, well-established, and profitable online businesses.

Empire Flippers Marketplace

Depending on the availability, you can view the listings that are ready to be sold. Just as you could with Flippa, you can view the average revenue, profit, profit margin, and other useful insights to assist you in buying the right store. 

The listed websites, however, were far fewer at the time of my writing this post. This can be an indication of the popularity of this platform or the ability to sell any dropshipping business quickly. 

For Example: We have recently acquired GoTrialPro – A Free Trial Services Website, from Empire Flippers, where we offer free trials of all the best tools available in the market. You can also find a similar website for your business from this platform.

The advantages of using Empire Flippers are:

  • An expert team carefully reviews and checks the quality of every online business listed on the website.
  • All the businesses are listed with all essential details like product details, suppliers, sources of traffic types, opportunities, the skills required to operate, etc.
  • The credibility can also be verified by checking the monthly revenue, net profit, multiplier, email lists, social media accounts, domain, and employment contracts.
  • As part of advanced support migration, you can prepare a profit and loss statement (P&L), mediate conference calls, provide legal documents, and handle escrows.


Since Flippa is also a marketplace for buying and selling websites, the price to buy the dropshipping store of your choice would depend on the listing.

3. AliDropship

AliDropship is one of the all-in-one providers for all your dropshipping needs. It offers two types of services to elevate your dropshipping business. You can either build a store yourself with the AliDropship plugin or get a free dropshipping store curated by the AliDropship experts. 

AliDropship High Ticket Dropshipping Store

AliDropship has received an excellent 4.7 rating out of 1000+ reviews from users on Trustpilot. 

The dropshipping stores created on AliDropship are taken care of by professionals, and SEO and Mobile are optimized with amazing design and best-selling products within just one business day. 

The advantages of using AliDropship are:

  • You can instantly import more products from AliExpress, with the AliDropship plugin integrated into the stores.
  • Set custom profit margins as needed. 
  • Automated solutions for better management and marketing of the dropship store. 
  • For custom stores, you will get a personal manager who guides you with every step of your custom store creation and answers all your questions related to technical issues.
  • Complete ownership of your store irrespective of whether you are building a store or getting one built from AliDropship. 


AliDropship offers two ways to get a dropship store. You can either get one created and pay a monthly charge or build one with the plugin.

  1. Get a prebuilt store – $39/mo with AliDropship Pro.
  2. Fully compatible plugin – $89 one-time purchase. 

4. Brandafy

This is one of the top choices for buyers wanting to buy pre-built Shopify or Turnkey dropshipping stores. Apart from this, you can also buy existing stores built by experts for a higher price. 

Brandafy Marketplace

Brandafy takes care of the logo design and branding professionally, uses optimized themes that drive results, and also a dropship blueprint and store launch checklist as a bonus.

Here’s an added bonus for our readers – Use this 9-step dropshipping checklist you need to follow before setting up your dropshipping business. 

The advantages of using Brandafy:

  • Quick store delivery, with deliveries taking 24 – 72 hours after ordering.
  • You get a complete dropshipping store with expenses like design, domain name, theme, and product list.
  • Get a custom Shopify store built by experts with Facebook ads strategy, supplier integration, and lifetime technical support. 
  • Auto currency switching for customers across borders and 24×7 lifetime support.


Brandafy offers separate pricing for the prebuilt and custom dropshipping stores. Here’s a look:

  1. Pre-built Dropshipping store – New store for $3 (with Shopify Free trial), and $47 for an existing store.
  2. Custom Store – A New Shopify store for $599+ and an existing Shopify store for $1497+

5. StartStorez

Here’s the next place for you to buy the best dropshipping stores from. StartStorez offers a total value of $940 for a much lesser price than you would invest. 

The price for a new and existing store with StartStorez is the same as compared to Brandafy above. The price differs by the number of products you can add to your dropshipping store and not the age of the store.

StartStorez Marketplace

StarStorez can build a store for any niche you want and connect you with trusted dropshipping suppliers for trending and profitable products.

StartStorez also offers premium services priced separately, like – a premium logo design, custom product description, full store SEO, and engaging product videos.

The advantages of using StartStorez are:

  • Basic plan offers a Logo, theme, and favicon design, 4 plugins and extensions, responsive stores across devices, and a basic Shopify or WooCommerce store setup with integration.
  • Each store includes social media integration, 24×7 customer support, full store automation, payment getaway integration, and other value additions worth a total of $940.
  • It is possible to sell various trending products like watches, apparel, pet supplies, etc., by importing products with a single click.


StartStorez offers three types of stores with varying numbers of products:

  1. 1 Product Store – at $65/mo with 1 product.
  2. Popular — at $99/mo with 12 products.
  3. Popular – at $129/mo with 30 products. 

6. Acquire.com (Formerly Microacquire.com)

Another way to acquire a dropshipping store/business is through Acquire.com, which is arguably the best marketplace to buy and sell startups. 

To date, over 200K+ entrepreneurs have closed massive deals within 30 days using Acquire with 20+ financial metrics, like MRR, CAC, and ARR.


Acquire.com works on a different level than typical dropshipping store builders and gives you the option to buy an entire dropshipping startup business. 

For each dropshipping listed, you can find an asking price, its reasoning, monthly revenue, monthly profit, and growth opportunities information to help you make an informed decision!

The advantages of using Acquire.com are: 

  • This marketplace is favored by buyers and sellers due to its convenience and verified transactions.  
  • Acquire.com’s report provides a pretty good overview of the business, its revenues and profits, and its history.
  • Acquire.com collaborates with Clearco, from where you can borrow money to finance your company and return it.


Acquire offers a yearly subscription for three different types of acquirers intending to buy a startup. 

  1. Basic – Free (for aspiring acquirers)
  2. Premium – $390/year (for career entrepreneurs)
  3. Platinum – $780/year (for serial acquirers)

7. Dropbuild

Turning our attention to dropshipping store builders, Dropbuild builds a complete and professional Shopify dropshipping store. The basic one-product Shopify store that you can get from Dropbuild starts from $449, which is much more affordable than some other options on this list.


Each Shopify dropshipping store is well equipped with a video ad and ad copy, niche research, proper branding logo design, connection with top suppliers, SEO and speed optimization, and whatnot!

Dropbuild will help you kickstart your dropshipping business quickly within 7 days and also guide you with the most profitable niches and products to add to your store. 

The advantages of using Dropbuild: 

  • Creates converting video ads for social media. 
  • Lifetime support and expert guidance to advertise and sell products. 
  • Introduction to winning products and trusted suppliers that offer the best shipping times. 
  • Stores are designed with a responsive design, logo, branding, icon, and niche research.


Dropbuild offers two types of dropship stores for sale whose pricing depends on the number of products you want.

  1. One-product store – $449 per store
  2. Niche store – $599 per store with 10 products 

8. Wholesale2b

This platform is famous for its wide range of supplier base with more than 1 million dropship products that you can integrate with the e-commerce platform of your choice. Wholesale2b handles the end-to-end dropshipping process from importing products to shipment. 


Having been in the industry for 18 years, Wholesale2b has had over 69,000+ customers and has integration capabilities with 100+ dropshipping companies. 

Apart from the integration abilities, Wholesale2b can create a dropship store for you within a single business day. This speed does not compromise the quality of the store built and is well equipped with an email address, store admin access, 10,000 products, and is developer-free.

The advantages of using Wholesale2b are:

  • With Wholesale2b, you get a domain name, hosting, business emails, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, inventory syncing, one-click order processing, and complete inventory synchronization.
  • You can use many growth marketing tools like Google Analytics, Notification Bars, Push Notifications, etc., with a one-time payment.
  • Several features are available in a shopping cart, including Coupon Creation Advanced, Quick View Added to Cart popups, Product Wishlists, and related products.


Wholesale2b creates a dropshipping store for

  • Dropship Webstore – $49.99/mo.

Other services that Wholesale2b offers are – import to your existing store and import to marketplaces, both priced at $37.99/mo

9. BeBiggy

BeBiggy is probably the biggest provider of turnkey and pre-built Shopify dropshipping stores. 

With each dropshipping store, the platform provides tailored solutions, including a fully optimized website, profitable dropshipping products, and suppliers to ensure their clients’ success. 

BeBiggy Marketplace

Apart from all the services, BeBiggy offers exceptional customer support. That means you will get instant support via phone or email if you face any kind of troubleshooting or technical issues. 

Once you purchase a dropshipping store from BeBiggy, the system will also guide you throughout the process, from choosing a niche to finding a dropshipping supplier.

The advantages of using BeBiggy are:

  • Ready-made dropshipping stores in different niches are available every time. 
  • Hundreds of high-quality designs are available so you can switch according to your needs.
  • Free shipping is available for US-based customers.
  • It offers lifetime access to Shopify marketing courses, store management, and customer support. 


You can get 4 types of Shopify websites for sale from BeBiggy:

  1. Shopify Training Stores – $9
  2. Shopify Dropship Website – $119
  3. Shopify Premium Dropship Website – $299
  4. Exclusive Shopify Dropship Store – $499

10. WooDropship

WooDropship connects e-commerce merchants and WordPress users to a wide catalog of dropshipping suppliers and products. 

It aims to provide an actively managed directory of suppliers to enable dropshipping or integrating dropshipped goods into existing WooCommerce stores.

WooDropship Marketplace

WooDropship has a catalog of 30+ prebuilt dropship stores that you can choose from. It includes everything from domain, hosting, and SEO to professional email, winning products, and payment gateway integration.

You can further add value to your store with sale countdown timers, popups, product bundles, and other premium plugins that have already been installed and enhance the ways that a customer interacts with your dropship store. 

The advantages of using WooDropship are:

  • Directory of 1000+ pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers
  • Supplier onboarding vetting process
  • Supplier order fulfillment monitoring
  • Product search with pricing and minimums
  • Inventory level visibility
  • Premium plugins are available for free
  • Dropship store built by WooCommerce-certified experts. 
  • Lifetime assistance and guidance from experts. 


With WooDropship, you can either use a plugin and build a dropship store for WooCommerce yourself or get a pre-built store. Here are the prices:

  1. WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin – $89
  2. Prebuilt WooCommerce stores – $99

Bonus: Get better at Dropshipping and sign up for these best dropshipping courses to learn from the best!

11. Investors Club

Investors Club is a digital marketplace that is a go-to platform for entrepreneurs who are looking to buy or sell online businesses, including dropshipping stores. 

You need to have a membership of this platform to see listings or list your own business on sale. This helps maintain a high standard of quality and trust within the community. 

Investors Club

It provides detailed due diligence reports, verifies the business’s financials, and gives a secure escrow service for transactions between both parties. Investors Club streamlines the process for those who want to buy a dropshipping business and gives detailed data to help them make informed decisions.

Buyers can see comprehensive analytics of each listing on the platform, such as the cost of the business, average monthly revenue, average monthly visitors, and more. Professionals vet all the listed businesses on this platform in advance to avoid confusion between both parties.

The advantages of using Investors Club are:

  • A curated private marketplace that includes quality listings, so there is no guesswork
  • Investors Club team invests over 5 hours to audit a business before listing
  • You will only have to pay what you see, and there are no hidden charges
  • Free membership that offers several benefits
  • Listings from various industries for you to choose from


It comes with a free membership, which gives you access to those listings that were published over five days ago.

Premium Membership: $79/month, $399/year, or $1999 once for a lifetime

Conclusion: Flippa, StartStorez & AliDropship Are Our Favorites For Buying A Dropshipping Store

These were the places that had the best dropshipping for sale in 2024. Each one of these platforms offers different ways with which you can start your dropshipping journey.

My top picks from the 11 above are:

1. Flippa — For acquiring an entire dropshipping website and store.

2. StartStorez – For their quality value services included in the plans.

3. AliDropship – For their complete dropshipping solutions with automation.

Before you select any source to get a dropshipping store from, check the pricing they offer carefully, as minor features affect the price you will pay for your dropship store. 

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