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ActiveCampaign is a marketing and email platform that helps eCommerce businesses grow by strengthening their relationship with customers utilizing a blend of automation and human touch. With the ability to market heavily out of a CRM and apply personalized, intelligent messages, ActiveCampaign has become a competitor in the eCommerce marketplace..

Date Founded = 2003

Total Funding = $20M

HQ = Chicago, Illinois

Total Employees = 400+


Return on Investment: 7.9/10

Ease of Use: 7.1/10

Features: 8.2/10

Support: 8/10

Scalability: 8.1/10

Reason for Our Rating

ActiveCampaign is another provider that’s core is email marketing but expands to all realms of marketing. And while that sounds intense after the first wave of onboarding it is much more functional than you might think. They offer advanced features such as Segmentation, SMS campaigns, and A/B testing to keep your team experimenting.

ActiveCampaign has become a proven player in the market, but for eCommerce teams there is not the same DNA compared to other dedicated providers. The platform is built to serve several industries, not just eCommerce, and that’s our warning.

The Good

Customer’s Always Right One-on-one training and reliable customer support from a large staff will help with the complexity of the tool.

Segmentations One major feature is in-depth email segmentation. Different lists can be broken down according to a page visits, email activity, device, country of origin, and more.

Come One, Come All ActiveCampaign keeps their pricing strategy competitive and well-priced plans for all business types. If your team manages north of 25,000+ contacts there is a custom pricing conversation.

The Bad

Info Overload ActiveCampaign is a complex tool, and getting familiarized with it takes valuable time if you need simple email capabilities. There is also a fair amount of upkeep needed.

Nowhere to Land The platform has little to no flexibility in creating and customizing landing pages, which is a staple in top eCommerce marketing platforms.

Too Big to Fail? Their Enterprise plan is not the best Enterprise plan we’ve seen, meaning if you have a large database than be prepared for limitations.


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