Amazon is an international eCommerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators that has expanded into numerous industries over three decades. One Amazon offering is the ability to specifically advertise eCommerce products.

Date Founded = 1994

Total Funding = $108M

HQ = Seattle, Washington

Total Employees = 10,000+


Return on Investment: 8.3/10

Ease of Use: 6.9/10

Features: 9.1/10

Support: 7.4/10

Scalability: 8.4/10

Reason for Our Rating

Amazon knows eCommerce, they practically invented it. The Amazon Ad Platform has developed for eCommerce teams to have real staying power because it knows what people are buying and how they’re doing it, and then how you can get in front of them. Over time they have continued to develop their platform and its usability to match the experience of Google, Facebook, and other behemoths. Compared to other industries, the development of Amazon’s eCommerce advertising has been a game-changer in the search for high-intent audiences.

There is ownership and user experience your team will need to surrender to Amazon’s platform, as well as learning another type of advertising platform and rulebook. But this upfront investment should be covered by the eventual ROI.

The Good

Ad Flexibility There are five unique types of Amazon advertisements: Sponsored Product, Headline Search, Product Display, Native, Video.

Competing Brands Competitor brand term bidding allows you to gain exposure and pursue buyers searching for well-known brands that are commonly searched.

Sales History If you are doing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, your organic Amazon rankings will likely improve as well.

The Bad

Their Branding Amazon is often associated with efficiency and time-to-purchase, less around the original product’s story.

Technical Powerhouse Unlike other platforms that drive buyers to your site and landing pages, your transactions and buying experience will funnel heavily through Amazon’s shopping platform.

Ad Creative Expect to do a whole separate set of copy, imagery, and creative for Amazon-specific items that match a separate buying experience.


Templates with Amazon Ads

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