Drip is billed as the first “eCommerce CRM” focusing on increasing sales for companies looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with B2C customers. Their goal is to connect your order management system with your marketing system at the customer level in order to build better and more profitable relationships for your eCommerce company.

Date Founded = 2013

Total Funding = N/A (Acquired by LeadPages in 2016)

HQ = Minneapolis, Minnesota

Total Employees = 100+


Return on Investment: 8.5/10

Ease of Use: 8.4/10

Features: 8.5/10

Support: 8.4/10

Scalability: 8.2/10

Reason for Our Rating

Drip was not interested in entering the market with the same old emailing marketing platform. They decided to connect email marketing to order management to a CRM, all in their own platform. Another perk with them being a fairly new platform is that the tool has nifty interface and navigation, so you’ll be spending time in a tool that drives well.

We are impressed with the power the automation tools that simultaneously which give a complete picture of email marketing efforts. They will continue to make waves in this space, even with their main competitors also shifting to providing an entire marketing suite.

The Good

Smart Talk Drip can send triggered emails based on customer actions mapped against the entire customer experience, resulting in much more personalized communications.

Your Own CRM The platform offers a full CRM offering - so say goodbye to dashboard switching when marketing to your audience.

The Integration Suite Their integration suite has bulked up over the years to provide teams with options in popular categories: eCommerce, Video, Payments, etc.

The Bad

Priced Out Your team needs to have marketing funds to use Drip, it can get relatively expensive. Younger and cash-strapped teams can find cheaper options with a bit less functionality.

Campaign Complications Automated campaigns have been proven to have some bugs, especially when setting up new workflow with new settings. Prepare for trial and error, and maybe a help desk visit.

Learning Curve Not a huge negative, but you’ll need to work through several guides to get Drip up and running to send an email.


Templates with Drip

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