Hootsuite was a pioneer in the social media management category and has grown to serve millions of users spanning a wide range of industries. eCommerce teams help use the tool to execute marketing campaigns, spot and grow audiences, and then send targeted messages via multiple channels.

Date Founded = 2008

Total Funding = $300M

HQ = Vancouver, Canada

Total Employees = 1,000+


Return on Investment: 8.2/10

Ease of Use: 8.6/10

Features: 9.1/10

Support: 7.8/10

Scalability: 8.5/10

Reason for Our Rating

Hootsuite originally sought out to solve the problem of needing to generate lots of content for social media pages without having to have dedicated employees. Well they solved that, and have expanded their offering over time as the data collection wave came. They also have done a fantastic job of scaling their integration suite.

Hootsuite is the most customizable option on the market, and larger, growing teams business with budgets should give Hootsuite a try. But Hootsuite needs to keep innovating, the market is right on their heels with features at more cost-friendly rates.

The Good

The Suite Life Over 16 million users, the largest repertoire of social media networks, and deep integrations with third party platforms keeps the Hootsuite community in the limelight

Smart Owl A mix of acquisitions and in-house software allows users to analyze time, engagement, networks and tags in one place.

Multitasker Managing multiple clients and multiple accounts, easily, is one of Hootsuite’s top selling points.

The Bad

Dashboard Confessionals Social media management should be simple, almost fun, but Hootsuite is known for making their UI/UX a bit too complex.

At Owl Costs To get the full benefits of Hootsuite your finance team probably needs a heads up, the platform can be pricey.

#Unimpressed The recommended hashtags feature produces broad, large volumes of data that may not always be relevant.


Templates with Hootsuite

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