Hotjar is a tracking platform that reveals the online behavior and voice of a website’s users. By utilizing heatmap and feedback tools, Hotjar gives eCommerce teams a way to improve a site's user experience and conversion rates.

Date Founded = 2014

Total Funding = N/A

HQ = Sliema, Malta

Total Employees = 80+


Return on Investment: 7.1/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Features: 8.3/10

Support: 8/10

Scalability: 7.6/10

Reason for Our Rating

Hotjar managed to enter a crowded analytics market due to a first-of-its-kind feature: site visitor recordings. Since then they have expanded to offer legacy features in order to become an “all-in-one” analytics tool. Hotjar helps eCommerce teams understand why web and mobile visitors interact with your shopping cart and content. If you have a hunch that it is too confusing or too hard to find checkout CTAs, Hotjar is your answer.

While they are pushing towards being a blanket solution, Hotjar needs to be coupled with other analytical platforms to know the complete picture of your conversion funnel.

The Good

Recordings Hotjar was the first analytics tool to offer visitor recordings, where the tool records the screen of user sessions to see how web visitors interact with different elements of your pages.

Feedback Features Their feedback polls and questions help you ask visitors why a specific action was or wasn’t taken to quickly receive direct feedback.

Turn Up The Heat Click heatmaps help you know where visitors click, an easy way to know which sections are receiving interest and which are not.

The Bad

Slow Sites Implementing Hotjar on your marketing site can slow down the page load speed as users sessions increase.

Tough Reporting Results and reporting can be difficult to read within the dashboard compared to Google Analytics.

Hot and Cold There is a tendency for heatmap data to have missed user journeys if elements haven’t loaded or other misreadings.


Templates with Hotjar

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