Intercom is a ‘customer messaging platform’ that allows teams in Internet businesses to communicate with their customers in a forward-thinking way. The platform instant communication with their customers personally, at scale from their marketing website, inside their applications, to email.

Date Founded = 2011

Total Funding = $241M

HQ = San Francisco, California

Total Employees = 900+


Return on Investment: 7.8/10

Ease of Use: 8.3/10

Features: 8.2/10

Support: 8.5/10

Scalability: 8.2/10

Reason for Our Rating

Intercom is a force in the customer support and messaging world. We even use it here at Yaguara. They offer a suite of products for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. It brings together several modern tools for marketing, sales, and customer support, and you will be able to pick and choose to what makes sense

Intercom is a premier chat and support option. In several industries they are the clear leader and selection at any price point. But Intercom was actually designed for SaaS businesses, not eCommerce, so there are going to be gaps.

The Good

Features for Days Intercom has the vast possibilities when it comes to communicating with your users: live chat, email, in-app messages, and more.

Let Me Upgrade Head on over to their App Store to see a wide variety of ways to spice up your chat and helpdesk.

Smart Conversations The insights in Intercom Inbox include a metric for response times, where you can see how quickly your employees respond to messages coming in.

The Bad

Lost and Found With all of Intercom’s moving pieces, there are frustrations with how long it takes to find simple but critical pieces of data (users, conversations, billings, etc.).

Price Point The platform is expensive, and they have rolled out an a la carte system so it’s not an all-in-one purchase. Small teams could be priced out after they exit the beginner plans.

Not Exactly eCommerce Intercom was originally designed for SaaS and B2B industries. Be prepared to have little insight into shopping data and conversions.


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