Kustomer is a newer omnichannel customer management platform that uses intelligent automation to unify data from multiple sources in order to deliver personalized service and support through a single timeline view. The platform’s original and current focus is successful scaling eCommerce companies.

Date Founded = 2015

Total Funding = $74M

HQ = New York, New York

Total Employees = 100+


Return on Investment: 8.6/10

Ease of Use: 8.7/10

Features: 9.5/10

Support: 8.4/10

Scalability: 9.1/10

Reason for Our Rating

Kustomer has risen to be the customer success tool of choice for growing eCommerce brands. Kustomer earns high praise since they bring together event data, shopping transactions, and conversations across every single integrated channel into one place. This core DNA has helped push the platform past traditional catch-all helpdesk solutions and keep users hyper focused on what builds increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

As the new kid on the block, Kustomer is overcoming startup obstacles and product bugs. But don’t let that dissuade you, this team has a chance to be the industry standard for customer service.

The Good

Timeline View Your support team see all the communications with your customer in one place with a single timeline view.

Omnichannel Presence Kustomer makes true omnichannel possible with integrations across categories of tools such as messaging, eCommerce platforms, surveys, analytics, and more.

Auto-Tasking Kustomer makes it easy to automate commonly-used workflows so can focus on connecting with customers rather than rote tasks.

The Bad

Expensive Agents Kustomer’s pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum, and their pay-per-agent model can cause your bottom to take a hit.

Notification Overload The interface and notification queue can get cluttered for newer users, making navigation a bit difficult.

Getting Shopify Right One limitation today is Kustomer not having as deep of an integration as other eCommerce-focused customer service platforms.


Templates with Kustomer

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