Magento is an industry-leading eCommerce platform being utilized by over 200,000 stores worldwide. Boasting one of the more powerful and robust features arsenals, Magento provides stores a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to configuring and taking total control of their stores as they scale.

Date Founded = 2008

Total Funding = $273M (Acquired by Adobe in 2018)

HQ = Campbell, California

Total Employees = 700+


Return on Investment: 7.7/10

Ease of Use: 7/10

Features: 9.3/10

Support: 8.7/10

Scalability: 9.2/10

Reason for Our Rating

Magento contains the largest and most robust feature set of any eCommerce platform. Their ability to handle complex catalog management and multi-store instillation has attracted top-tier customers far and wide. Magento is a favorite because they put their money where their mouth is with dedicated customer service and waves of community support (conferences, forums, etc.).

But Magento is controversial. They have closed down platforms in the past (Magento Go) and have switched ownership from eBay to Adobe, so management’s purpose has been in flux. The financial investment is by far the greatest concern. Your team will need to be scaling and utilizing every aspect of the platform to make the return on investment worth the bite Magento takes out of your bottom line.

The Good

Infinite Scale Magento’s platform was built with scalability in mind. A major selling point is you can scale up your product catalog from a few favorites to over 100,000 faster than competitors.

Feature-Happy Magento offers no limitations on how you design your store or the amount of custom development (open source!).

Magento Worldwide Conferences. Re-sellers. Developer forums. Market share. Magento currently owns one of the more active eCommerce communities, and it is good company to know.

The Bad

Time and Energy The top gripe with Magento is that it requires significant time and manpower to get your store up and running just to be presentable to the market.

The Bottom Line Once you move into their Enterprise edition, pricing becomes a black box. Quotes range from $10,000 to $100,000 for serious stores.

Hosting Woes At some point you will need to host your Magento instance on dedicated servers to keep premier performance - which can introduce a plethora of headaches.


Templates with Magento

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