Multiorders is a multichannel tool that eCommerce teams use to integrate all their sales channels and manage inventory. In a matter of seconds, you are able to connect all of your shipping carriers and print labels, manage pricing and stock levels, and understand of all sales channels from the same place.

Date Founded = 2018

Total Funding = N/A (bootstrapped)

HQ = London, England

Total Employees = 20+


Return on Investment: 9/10

Ease of Use: 7.6/10

Features: 8.7/10

Support: 8.9/10

Scalability: 8.2/10

Reason for Our Rating

Multiorders is an up-and-comer solving a necessary evil for growing eCommerce business. They are heavily integrated, continuously roll out features, and move teams closer to a data-driven approach with their analytics functionality.

We are high on Multiorders because they simplify the boring and tedious aspects of complex inventory and order handling, all of this with a modern UI/UX approach. But as a new player in the space, in a highly competitive and lucrative market, we recommend keeping an eye on larger eCommerce players who have the power to enter the multichannel space.

The Good

Multiple Plans Multiorders offers approachable pricing plans, and it’s important to note that doesn’t mean you are taking a hit in functionality.

24/7! The Multiorders team offers dedicated support at all times and receive high praise for their onboarding, ticketing, and roadmap efforts.

One Dashboard To Rule Them All The platform allows you to match suppliers with their products, depending on customer location, type of product needed and other factors.

The Bad

Autocenter There is not a way to automatically list products into multiple stores (think Shopify), so this can get tedious.

Enterprise Scalability Due to the brevity of the tool, there just isn’t enough historical data on their ability to take a team from mid-market to enterprise. However this will come with time.

You’ve Got Homework While there are help docs for integration set-ups, Multiorders requires a decent learning curve to understand the system as a whole.


Templates with Multiorders

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