PayPal pioneered online payment solutions for users worldwide and continues to be a leader in this space. Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid.

Date Founded = 1998

Total Funding = $217M (Became a publicly traded company in 2002: PYPL)

HQ = Chicago, Illinois

Total Employees = 700+


Return on Investment: 8.6/10

Ease of Use: 8.1/10

Features: 8.3/10

Support: 9.3/10

Scalability: 8.2/10

Reason for Our Rating

We all know PayPal at this point. Musk. Thiel. Hoffman. Over time they have become the most used payment tool around the world, with more than 224 million users across the globe and the ability to operate with any currency. Because of that reach, PayPal has become adept at controlling the risk of foreign trade and commerce, so it is a safe bet.

PayPal has always sat favorably at the extreme ends of the spectrum: global enterprise exchanger and personal payment transactor. But with their introduction of the PayPal Commerce Platform they have finally put the same tech and capabilities in the hands of eCommerce businesses regardless of size.

The Good

Transparent, Predictable Pricing PayPal is extremely transparent with their terms and pricing, in addition to not locking you into a contract with an early termination fee.

End-toEnd Payment Offerings You’ll have access to more payment services such as mobile POS, business financing and the ability to offer consumer credit for purchases.

Global Growth Scale globally and connect with more than 277 million active PayPal users and directly accept more than 100 currencies.

The Bad

Support...? Even though you will get priority with a business plan, there are still horror stories of funds being considered a risk and tied up in the risk department.

Tech Specs A byproduct of the support issues mean a lot of technical support falls on yourself. Also the SDK needs to see improvements in transaction history and recurring payments setup.

Transaction Fees 30-cent fee and 2.9% for every transaction

1% more for every international transaction

$20 for every chargeback


Templates with PayPal

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