Segment provides customer data infrastructure to fast-growing and data-intensive eCommerce teams. With the ability to create first-class event tracking and data pipeline, Segment has helped usher in a common understanding for their users to activate their own data in order to create customer-first decisions and experiences.

Date Founded = 2011

Total Funding = $284M

HQ = San Francisco, California

Total Employees = 400+


Return on Investment: 9/10

Ease of Use: 7.4/10

Features: 9.4/10

Support: 8.7/10

Scalability: 9.3/10

Reason for Our Rating

Segment has built a (necessary) category of their own. We are high on Segment as it is quickly becoming the industry standard for semantic event tracking. Major eCommerce brands such as Glossier and Warby Parker utilizer Segment to truly understand how their customer data is tied together before taking action on it.

Segment is helping eCommerce teams create an intermediate bridge between the marketing site and all their third party platforms. This allows for real-time monitoring and process improvement at a critical layer of data. In short, Segment is amazing. Besides needing the technical skills to maintain the system Segment deserves a serious evaluation.

The Good

The Main Event The industry standard for semantic event tracking is now Segment, and the young team is going nowhere but up.

Central API Segment creates a central hub for all of your analytics calls for your website and/or app. With one central API for your customer and analytics data, the manual configurations can be eliminated.

Plays Well With Others The platform integrates with 40+ analytics platforms to build a comprehensive view of customer data funnels.

The Bad

Price-Conscious The pricing can be steep depending on the size of your company and stage. But it’s tough to turn down easy syntax and insight.

API = 911 Their infrastructure model depends on API calls, so make sure you are aware of your API limits as you scale.

Learning Curves The initial implementation requires a learning curve or totally outsourced help if your team is short on technical prowess. This will be unique coding.


Templates with Segment

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