Swell is an "incentive marketing platform"​ which allows large retail and smaller eCommerce teams to create highly-tailored rewards and referral programs with ease. By expanding upon the traditional purchases, the tool allows brands to reward customers for performing the actions that truly move the needle.

Date Founded = 2015

Total Funding = $1M (Acquired by Yotpo in 2018)

HQ = Boston, Massachusetts

Total Employees = 10+


Return on Investment: 8.1/10

Ease of Use: 7.2/10

Features: 7.7/10

Support: 6.7/10

Scalability: 8/10

Reason for Our Rating

Swell sits in the ‘Rewards and Referrals’ category that is still evolving with more and more influence being shifted to the everyday customer. Their acquisition by Yotpo does prove out their concept as a small operation, but it never truly had time to develop its own brand and stable market presence. They have established a solid small and medium-sized customer base and are slowly adding features with Yotpo’s engineering resources.

If your team is looking for simple functionality for rewards, referrals, and influencers, Swell can get the job done.

The Good

Aligned Pricing Pricing plans are based on your business growth, not based on customer count.

Rewards for All Over ten unique ways to reward your customers to match audience types.

Influential Swell allows you to manage your influencer network with customizable direct payouts to major influencers to build awareness alongside traditional reviews..

The Bad

Yotpo Support Notorious for slow support on smaller issues due to support being outsourced to Swell’s parent company, Yotpo.

User Error There are several reports of customers having glitches or errors when having to access the platform from their end, which of course reflects your brand more than Swell.

Perhaps Too Simple Depending on your size and ambitions, Swell struggles to offer the right features for fast-growing and enterprise clients.


Templates with Swell

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