Taboola is an advertising technology platform that helps eCommerce teams serve relevant content to users online. The platform matches news stories, articles, blogs, videos, apps, products and other content to targeted customers for them to explore. Their “content discovery” abilities offer a unique strategy for eCommerce teams looking to experiment outside the traditional channels.

Date Founded = 2007

Total Funding = $160M

HQ = New York, New York

Total Employees = 1,000+


Return on Investment: 8.8/10

Ease of Use: 6.5/10

Features: 7.5/10

Support: 7.5/10

Scalability: 9.1/10

Reason for Our Rating

Taboola helped introduce a new wave of content distribution with their native ads on publishing websites (ESPN, New York Times, CBS). With winning pieces of content eCommerce advertisers use Taboola to reach a large number of sites quickly to scale revenue tactics. The platform is price-friendly and lets teams start bidding at miniscule amounts in order to properly ramp up.

There are a few cons, a major one being the minimal amount of control towards qualified traffic. If your team is not closely monitoring you could be paying for low-intent waves, or even worse, fraudulent activity.

The Good

Wide Cheap Reach The ability to reach a large audience at cost effective prices should never be discounted, even if it's for testing.

Rinse and Repeat Once you find a winning campaign the formula could be used for a long time (think years) as long as the product is relevant.

Dedicated Service If you have a budget of at least $5000 a month and a confident conversion rate your team can request a dedicated account manager for even further optimization.

The Bad

Lack of Interest No interest targeting or audience filtering make it one of the least strategic approaches for qualified leads.

Fraudulent Activity Click fraudulence is a major problem at Taboola (and other content distribution networks) and has to primarily combated by your own team.

Not So Smooth The user interface is a bit clunkier than other leading workplace tools.


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