Trustpilot is a customer review management tool that helps eCommerce businesses connect and build brand trust with their customer base. Teams utilize Trust Pilot to build a review community for newer products, increase searchability for old products, and give access to lookalike customers during the buying process.

Date Founded = 2007

Total Funding = $193M

HQ = Copenhagen, Denmark

Total Employees = 800+


Return on Investment: 7.8/10

Ease of Use: 8.2/10

Features: 8.2/10

Support: 6.8/10

Scalability: 7.8/10

Reason for Our Rating

Trustpilot has the standard review and rating capability, but they put a bit of a twist to continue that reach. They offer review invitations with templates that prompt customers to easily write reviews. They also have built a large database and community for reviewing all sorts of eCommerce businesses. This gives you access to a ready community, but each eCommerce company will need to manage a profile.

However they constantly sit in the middle of fraudulent controversy with fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online via their platform. And until they can completely crack down on this concerning issue, it’s hard to give them a complete vote of confidence.

The Good

Community Service Trustpilot’s community is a great discovery and lead source tool if your team can generate a solid profile.

B2C DNA Their service is better suited for B2C, product-oriented eCommerce companies rather than B2B relationships.

SEO Power Once another positive reviews are gathered Google will start displaying you as a trusted brand for SEO-boosting results.

The Bad

Red Flags of Fraud There are accusations that fake reviews go unchecked but negative real reviews get removed if it is putting a paying customer in a bad light.

Manual Reviewing As of now it’s a slow, manual process to send review request emails. Some intelligent auto-outreach would be a useful feature.

Set In Stone If a customer posts a review and accidentally hits the wrong number rating, they are unable to go back and correct the mistake.


Templates with Trustpilot

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