Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One Is Better In 2023?

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When we search for the best Amazon seller tools, two options always pop up in every suggestion – Jungle Scout and Helium 10

But the main problem comes when we need to choose between these two tools. 

I understand! I was in the same position and totally confused about which one to pay for. After all, it’s all about investing my money in the best one. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be in such a dilemma; this guide has your back! 

After interviewing lots of sellers and using both of them, here I’ve come up with an unbiased comparison where I’ll evaluate their nitty-gritty facts, from accuracy to features to support and resources. 

So, stay with me till the end and then decide which one you would pick!

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: In A Nutshell

Comparison Parameters Helium 10Jungle Scout 
Overall Ratings out of 54.84.9
Accuracy Rate 76%84%
Features Excellent Good
Ease of Use Easy Easy
Customer Support Not bad Not bad 
Value For MoneyAbsolutelyAbsolutely 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Overview

Before we dive deeper into this article and compare them against each other, take a quick look at what Jungle Scout and Helium 10 actually are and how they help merchants. 

Helium 10 Overview

Simply put, Helium 10 helps Amazon FBAs and Walmart sellers with a variety of tools for keyword research, product search, marketing, listing optimization, analytics, and more. And to bring such out-of-the-box results, Helium 10 collects data from Amazon API and forms them via multiple machine learning and AI models. 

 Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Helium 10 Overview

Though Helium 10 admits that some of their information is based on estimates, but they are confident in them. 

Not only that, if you go for Helium 10’s paid plans, you’ll benefit from several top-notch resources to scale your business to the next level. 

Jungle Scout Overview

 Similarly, Jungle Scout is also an Amazon seller tool that helps merchants with lots of functionalities, including product search, keyword research, listing optimization, inventory management, supplier database, and more. 

Jungle Scout Review - Overview

And as per Jungle Scout’s official research, it ranks at the top when it comes to data accuracy and other eCommerce functionalities. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One Provides More Accurate Data?

Before we move forward, we must check their precision first. Because we use seller tools for their capability of future projection and analytics. But if any tool isn’t accurate enough, it’d be of no use no matter how robust its features are. 

Hence, we’ll check which one of these two tools is more accurate. 

Helium 10’s Accuracy 

 Jungle Scout’s study says Helium 10 is 74% accurate, giving it 3rd position after Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. 

But here’s the catch! 

Product Research Tools 

Why would we listen to its competitor when we can get first-hand experience? 

Thus, I tested this tool and interviewed a few of its paying users. After evaluating all the information, I found that the accuracy rate of Helium 10 is 76%, which is quite decent and effective for strategizing your business growth. 

Jungle Scout’s Accuracy 

Jungle Scout’s official research shows that it’s the most accurate Amazon seller tool available in the market, with an almost 84% accuracy rate

And I also found the same. Jungle Scout’s precision easily falls between 84-86%. And no other tools in this industry can beat Jungle Scout from this perspective. 

Winner: Jungle Scout

The result is pretty clear. Jungle Scout takes the lead with 84% accuracy

But that doesn’t mean Helium 10 is absolutely incorrect. It can give neck-to-neck competition to Jungle Scout, grabbing the second position after this tool. 

But as far as these two tools are concerned, Jungle Scout projects more accurate data than Helium 10. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Who Offers More Effective And Robust Features?

After accuracy, the first thing we must check is their features. 

Who gives more robust features, and how effective are they? – We’ll check here. 

Features Helium 10Jungle Scout 
Product Research✔️✔️
Keyword Research✔️✔️
Product Tracker✔️✔️
Listing optimization✔️✔️
Supplier Database✔️✔️
Inventory Manager✔️✔️
AI Assist tool ✔️✔️
Follow Up✔️
Seller Assistant✔️
AI-powered PPC software✔️
Chrome Extension✔️✔️
URL Building✔️
Chrome extension✔️✔️

Winner: Helium 10

As you saw in the above table, both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer premium features for the sellers. But if we take a deep look at Helium 10’s functionalities, they are more vast and efficient than Jungle Scout’s. It has offered lots of other premium features like PPC software, URL-building features, seller assistance, and more. 

In this context, Timer David (a 7 figure Amazon FBA seller) says, 

“ Helium 10 is reported to be 74% accurate, lower than Jungle Scout. However, I still use Helium 10 because of its vast features”.

With this in concern, I find Helium 10 is way better than Jungle Scout when it comes to features. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One Is Easier To Navigate?

One of the main aspects that all newbie Amazon sellers need to check is how easy it is to use. If a tool isn’t easy to navigate, it’ll cost both your time and money. 

That’s why I’ve given a thorough rundown on both of these tools and tried to evaluate which one of these two is more flexible and beginner-friendly.

Helium 10 Ease Of Use

When you jump over Helium 10’s dashboard after signing up for this software, you’ll get every feature on the upper-hand side of the page, including tools, profits, follow-up, and more. 


I like the way they’ve streamlined the dashboard by guiding users with samples. For example, if you are looking for trending keywords and using the tool for the very first time, it’ll give you some sample ASINs to try. 

Not only that, you don’t need to find any tools by going to other pages. You’ll get everything on the dashboard itself. Plus, the pages are clean, streamlined, and engaging! 

Jungle Scout Ease Of Use

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout is also super flexible, allowing the users to navigate the functionalities without any friction. 

If you are new in the Amazon selling industry, you’ll start by product search. But if you are an existing customer, you’ll get your business performance analytics on the dashboard. 

Jungle Scout - Toolbox

Moreover, all the features, including toolbox, keyword research, and marketing features, are listed in the left-hand sidebar menu. You can visit them one by one to explore more. 

Winner: It’s A Tie!

Both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are intuitive and flexible, helping beginners explore their Amazon selling journey without any extra hassles. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Who Has More Active Customer Support Solutions?

As you’re paying for a service, you’d definitely expect good customer support to have your back in adverse situations. But if a company doesn’t offer that to its paid users, it’s a major turn-off as the eCommerce selling journey is full of uncertainties. 

Thus, we’ll check here who has better customer service between Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Helium 10 Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Helium 10 offers 3 ways to connect with the team:

  • Email (support@Helium10.com)
  • Live chat 
  • Contact Support form 

However, you’ll get the fastest reply if you connect with them via live chat. Even if you need to talk to an agent, the bot support will connect you to one of their team members. 

But the email and contact form support take a bit longer to get a reply. Thus, it’s better if you contact them directly via live chat.

Not only that, if you’re an experienced seller and want to integrate expert solutions into your business, you’ll get a dedicated solution called “Seller Solutions Hub,” where you’ll get various services related to your requirements. 

Jungle Scout Customer Support

Again, like Helium 10, Jungle Scout also offers three options for users to connect with its team – live chat support, email (support@junglescout.com), and a dedicated contact support form. 

If you go for live chat support, you’ll get instant responses. But if you go for the contact form support or email support, it’ll take a few hours to get a reply. 

Winner: It’s A Tie!

As you can see, both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer three ways to contact the official team members. So, they both get the same position as far as customer support is concerned

But we find both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 need to upgrade their support systems and integrate live call support to engage with the users actively. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Who Offers More Convenient Learning Resources To The Users? 

An Amazon seller tool goes beyond some features and accuracy. It’s more like a BFF who will support you at each step of your journey – even with upskilling. Thankfully, both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer vast resources and learning materials, so the users/merchants can hone their skills and generate better revenue. 

But the question is – who has better learning and the most relevant resources? It’s time to check that!

Resources Of Helium 10

When it comes to resources and learning materials, Helium 10 is unbeatable. Starting from different training series to podcasts to webinars, Helium 10 tries to help users in every way possible. 

Not only that, Helium 10 has partnered with Northbound Group to help you with different types of business strategies and created a program called Exit Ticket


Moreover, Helium 10 has a dedicated academy, so new sellers can understand every nitty-gritty functionality of Helium 10 and eliminate their confusion. Even Helium 10 also has Project X and Project W resources that help merchants sell on Amazon and Walmart, respectively. 

Resources Of Jungle Scout

Now, if I talk about Jungle Scout’s resources, it’s also vast but can’t compete with Helium 10’s. 

However, besides blogs and case studies, it only has some reports and insights to help sellers make the right marketing decisions. 

Keyword Scout 

Apart from that, it has a dedicated guide on “How to sell on Amazon” to handhold newbie sellers in their selling journey.

Winner: Helium 10

Though both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are trying their best to help Amazon sellers generate their first bucks, I find Helium 10 offers way more detailed and relevant resources for users. 

Even this platform also collaborates with different types of companies to provide the best possible learning materials and training to the merchants. 

Thus, Helium 10 is the clear winner here.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One Is Cost-Effective? (Pricing Comparison)

Now that you know every nitty-gritty fact about their functionalities and other stuff, we’ll now compare their pricing and check which one is more cost-effective. 

Helium 10 Pricing Options

Pricing Of Helium 10


Let’s break them down and see what each package has to offer:

1. Starter Plan

  • Limited Access to Black Box, Magnet, and Cerebro
  • Xray
  • Track 1 Market
  • 2 uses of Listing Analyzer
  • Set up alerts for 2 products
  • Freedom Ticket Course
  • 2 Connected Accounts

2. Platinum Plan

  • All the features of the Starter plan
  • Track 500 keywords
  • 20 products
  • Dashboard access
  • Track up to 3 Markets
  • 50 uses of Listing Analyzer

3. Diamond Plan

  • All the features of the Platinum plan
  • Exit Ticket
  • Amazon PPC Academy
  • 5 multi-user logins
  • Refund Genie
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Valuation
  • AI-enhanced Listing Builder

Note: You can save a few bucks on your purchase of a Helium 10 subscription with our exclusive Helium 10 Coupon code here.

Pricing Of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - Pricing
Packages Pricing  
Basic $29/month 
Suite $49/month
Professional $84/month 

Now, let’s check what features you’ll get package:

  1. Basic
  • One seat
  • Opportunity score
  • Product tracking for 20 products
  • 500 sales estimates each month
  • Opportunity finder
  • Keyword search
  • Product data base
  • Historical product tracking
  • Review request
  • Sales analytics
  • Customer Support
  1. Suite

All basic features+

  • Extra seats
  • 1000 sales estimates
  • Historical product tracking data for 3 months
  • Inventory management
  • Rank tracker
  • Promotion
  • Supplier tracker 
  1. Professional 

All suite features+ 

  • historical keyword data of 2 years
  • Rank tracking for 5 thousand keywords
  • Priority onboarding 

Winner: Jungle Scout

Though I’ve made Jungle Scout to be the winner here, we can’t say Helium 10 isn’t worth it. 

To be more specific, everything depends on your needs. It means if you want to have all the basic features, like product search, listing optimization, keyword search, and sales estimates at a cheaper rate, Jungle Scout is worth opting for. Check our exclusive Jungle Scout discount code to get up to 81% off on your purchase.

But if you want to leverage more premium features with stunning functionalities, Helium 10 is for you. And obviously, the pricing will be as higher as your expectation. 

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10: Pros & Cons 

Let’s sum everything up and check their advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

Pros Of Helium 10 👍

  • 80% accurate data
  • A range of top-notch features for sellers (I’ve already mentioned them before)
  • Huge resources 
  • Easy-to-navigate
  • Expert training
  • Cost-effective

Cons Of Helium 10 👎

  • A bit expensive for newbies
  • Sometimes, you might find inaccurate data in its Chrome extension 

Pros Of Jungle Scout 👍

  • The most accurate Amazon seller tool
  • Effective features
  • Easy to navigate
  • Intuitive interface
  • Decent learning resources 
  • Beginner-friendly pricing
  • Active customer support 

Cons Of Jungle Scout 👎

  • The pricing distribution on the official site might seem confusing for beginners.

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Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One Should You Pick? 

Well, the answer is – “Jungle Scout.” 

Let me explain it. 

Though Jungle Scout and Helium 10 rank in the same position in my test, Jungle Scout takes the lead in terms of accuracy. And, the more accurate the estimates will be, the more chances of business growth you’ll have – it’s a no-brainer. 

Thus, the clear-cut answer is Jungle Scout. Though its features and resources are limited, its estimates are nearly perfect. On the other hand, Helium 10 is also accurate but definitely not as perfect as Jungle Scout. 

Now it’s up to you! 

Hope this guide will help you decide between these two tools – I’d love to know which one you are going to choose. 

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