Introducing the Metric Builder

Track the important metrics

Use the Metric Builder to create custom metrics that are important to your business.

Combine multiple data sources

Leave the manual work behind and instantly gather the metrics you need from multiple sources. When your team integrates your data, you gain the ability to combine and define important business metrics without any intense data modeling.

Enhance with Key Results and Vizualizations

In the past, complicated metrics had to be calculated in a siloed environment, often costing teams significant time and effort to produce a single data point. Now you can use your custom metrics with Key Results and Visualizations inside Yaguara.


Customer Acquisition Cost

Measure the cost of converting a potential lead into a customer across all your acquisition channels.


Total Social Following

Aggregate and track your social footprint in one unified metric without manual updates.


Value Per Visit

Understand your progress of how your efforts to improve the visitor experience is affecting revenue.

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