Net Promotor Score (NPS)

What is Net Promoter Score:

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that reveals how many customers are willing to recommend a product or service to other people.

The data for this metric can be found in customer survey platforms such as Wootric and AskNicely.

How to calculate Net Promoter Score:

TThe formula for calculating Net Promoter Score s not really a percentage. It is subtraction of two percentages: percentage of Promoters minus percentage of Detractors. It’s an index ranges from negative one hundred (-100) to one hundred (+100).

The answers are measured on a scale of zero to 10. A zero represents “very unlikely” (or “not at all likely”). A 10 is “extremely likely.”

Respondents are divided into three categories:

Promoters (score 9-10) are consumers who are extremely likely to recommend your company. They will buy from your business and encourage others, too.

Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied customers, but uncommitted and unenthusiastic. These folks may buy from a competitor.

Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who may hurt your business’s reputation and impede growth.


- In Yaguara eCommerce Conversion Rate can be created as a Key Result.

Why Net Promoter Score is Important:

Because of its power in predicting the customers most likely to refer a business to their friends, NPS is often viewed as most valuable customer service metric. But there’s no real trick to improving customer loyalty, you’ll need to listen and respond to customer feedback. Measuring NPS is useless without the conversation it creates.

But conflating all of the customer’s experiences into one summary judgment leads to lost opportunities. It can be helpful to think about what steps the customer goes through in the course of acquiring, using, and disposing across your eCommerce experience to consider asking them to fill out the form at a different point in their journey.

If you want your customers to do something positive on your behalf, such as review your business online, repurchase, subscribe, or sign up for a mailing list, the ideal moment is just after their most positive experience.

How to improve Net Promoter Score:

Make the NPS survey email mobile-friendly

One mistake teams make is making catalog-wide changes to all products and landing pages, expecting a universal increase in conversion rates. We recommend implementing changes product by product.

Invest in customer success

Customer success is somewhat of a new function making waves in the eCommerce industry. Customer success is not just customer support or service, it is a more proactive approach to these functions. The role of customer success teams is to set expectations, onboard the customer, and make sure the customer make the most out of the product and achieve their desired outcome, ultimately leading to improved NPS scores.

Educate the team

By informing people within the business about what the Net Promoter Score is and how it affects the company you can improve the way that your company has conversations around this key metric and its important to high-level goals.

180 your Detractors

Every business is going to have Detractors (0-6), so seeking out this batch of customers to find out their issues and trying to rectify them can be critical to an overall score. They often are the most vocal and have serious issues than can be turned into a positive turnaround.

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