Organic Search Average Session Duration

What is Organic Search Average Session Duration:

This is a blended metric combining average session duration and organic search traffic results.

Average session duration is how long on average visitors are staying on your website coming from an organic search source. It is a popular Google Analytics metric used across all industries.

And organic search refers to search engine results that are naturally generated and not through paid advertisements or other referral sources.

How to calculate Organic Search Average Session Duration:

First calculate the average session duration by dividing the total duration of all sessions by the total number of sessions. Make sure you have the right time frame selected. Then filter this data by the “organic” medium for the in-depth view.


- Make sure the average session duration is in seconds for more detailed analysis.

- Organic search in not just limited to Google. Bing is another popular option to add to your tracking.

- In Yaguara all Google and search engine traffic can be filtered when creating a Key Result:

Why Organic Search Average Session Duration is important:

So Average Session Duration is a metric that helps us understand how your users are interacting with a website before they make an exit. But instead of relying on a site-wide Average Session Duration, we filter down and report the duration for this type of traffic source. This will give us a far better insight into the true Average Session Duration since organic search traffic is very reliable channel, and very telling into how unbiased users feel about our content.

How to improve Organic Search Average Session Duration:

Be relatable

Have the user keep going with an interlinking approach to the next related piece of content, thus continuing to prove to them that you have expertise in the topic.

Video games

Attention spans can be difficult if it takes a bit to explain your value. Your readers most likely have multiple tabs open and both online and offline exit options. Leveraging video as part of your own approach allows you to present more dynamically and readers mix up how they are absorbing the content.

Make content king

If you have a website that extremely depends on informative information, blogs, and articles, you must pay attention to enhancing the content so that you can improve the metric of session duration.

The common source

Use common, everyday language. There is a time and place for Shakespearian efforts but you have to earn that right.

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