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Working from home, from different locations or timezones, doesn’t have to mean more stress and less alignment. Yaguara makes asychronous, data-driven work attainable.

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Bring your data & team together

Yaguara is a connected operations platform that helps business professionals like you make sense of disparate data. Integrate your top tools, set objectives, and start working better, together.

Align Your Team
on What Matters

Think of Yaguara as a fitness tracker for your business. See real-time, data-driven insights to understand how you’re pacing toward organizational goals.

Tie Project to results

Focus Collaboration
Around Desired Results

With Yaguara, you’ll see progress as a team and can communicate as questions arise. By syncing data directly to organizational goals and projects, teams have real-time understanding into overall performance.

See Cross-Functional Progress & Goals

Struggling with siloed data? Give team members instant visibility into company-wide objectives, allowing individuals and teams to understand their true impact to the organization in real-time.

A single source of truth for all your data

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"Yaguara fundamentally transforms the way eCommerce teams work by making data actionable for every team and person in the organization. It's the source of truth that enables better, faster planning, measurement, learning and decision-making."
Dave Gilboa
Co-CEO @ Warby Parker

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