21+ Amazon Statistics of 2024 (Data & Latest Trends)

Amazon is the first name that springs to mind when discussing online shopping.

With over 310 million active users, Amazon is one of the most convenient and leading ecommerce platforms in 2024.

The large active customer base has attracted over 9.7 million sellers to the Amazon sellers platform, and more than 2 million of them are actively selling on Amazon in 2024.

In this article, I have collected the most significant statistics about Amazon’s users, revenue, market share, and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Statistics: Top Picks (2024)

  • Amazon has over 310 million active users globally
  • 51% of the users use Amazon for product research
  • 230 million Amazon customers are from the United States
  • There are over 2 million active sellers on Amazon
  • Amazon makes $1.4 billion in sales per day
  • Third-party sellers make up 60% of Amazon’s seller base
  • The United States has over 1.1 million Amazon sellers
  • Amazon generated over $554.02 billion in 2023
  • There are over 200 million Amazon Prime members around the world
  • Amazon operates in over 100 countries and has 20 marketplaces worldwide

Amazon Users Statistics

With almost everyone checking Amazon before buying anything online, it has become a go-to place for online shopping.

Millions of people worldwide prefer to shop from Amazon due to its helpful user reviews and trusted sellers.

1 . Amazon Has Over 310 Million Active Users Globally

With over 80% of the users from the United States, there are more than 310 million active users of Amazon globally.

Around 230 million Amazon customers are from the United States.

In addition, Amazon received over 2.72 billion unique monthly visitors in 2023. 

Due to accessibility and ease of use, the Amazon app has around 197 million monthly active users in 2024.

Source: AMZ Scout

2. The Average American Spends Around $91.75 On Amazon Each Month

A survey done on 3,200 online shoppers indicated that 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week.

Tennesse citizens spend an average of $124.22 per month, which is the highest among all the states in the US.

The average spending of an American user on Amazon was concluded to be $91.75 per month.

West Virginia residents spent around $56.10 and were reported to spend the lowest on Amazon.

Source: Upgraded Points

3. 51% Of The Users Use Amazon For Product Research

Due to the genuine reviews from experienced customers on Amazon, it has become a trusted source of information for buyers.

Customers use Amazon more than any other search engine to look up products before purchasing them online.

Here is a table showing the percentage of people searching for products on various platforms:

PlatformPercentage of users
Search engines39%

Source: Jungle Scout

4. 80% Of The Shoppers Use Amazon Due To Fast And Free Shipping

Due to the large inventory and reasonable prices, every online shopper trusts and finds Amazon helpful while purchasing.

A survey from Statista revealed that most users choose to buy from Amazon because of its fast and free shipping services.

The wide collection of products on Amazon also attracted around 69% of shoppers to Amazon.

Here is a table showing why people use Amazon:

ReasonPercentage of users
Fast and free shipping80%
Broad collection of items69%
Prime membership 65.7%
Best Pricing49.2%
Easy returns process43.7%

Source: Statista

Amazon Seller Statistics

Amazon has evolved from an online marketplace to a closely-knit community where people trust and buy great quality products from trusted sellers.

From small individual sellers to big enterprises, Amazon provides a platform for every kind of seller.

5. There Are Over 2 Million Active Sellers On Amazon

With a huge customer base on Amazon, sellers have great opportunities to leverage the platform to sell their products.

Amazon has over 9.7 million sellers globally, of which 2 million are actively selling on the platform.

Around 64% of the sellers have adopted Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) feature.

More than 22% of Amazon sellers have taken a hybrid approach by combining the FBA with their own storage, shipping, and customer service processes. What’s more, Helium10 Hub is one of the reliable resources for Amazon sellers where they cover tips, guides and case studies for sellers.

Source: AMZ scout

6. The United States Has Over 1.1 Million Amazon Sellers

With more than half of the total sellers on Amazon, The United States boasts the highest number of sellers in 2024.

The states of California, New York, Florida, and Texas have over 50% of Amazon sellers in the United States.

Here is a table showing the percentage of sellers according to states in the US:

StatePercentage of Amazon sellers
New York10.2%
New Jersey4.7%

Source: Marketplace Pulse

7. Third-Party Sellers Make Up 60% Of Amazon’s Seller Base

The first-party (1P) sellers comprise the sellers that provide their inventory to Amazon, and sales are made under its name. These sales are mainly feasible for wholesale and are branded under Amazon’s name.

However, third-party (3P) sales have become more prominent in 2024 and now command more than half of sales on the Amazon platform.

Only about 40% of the sellers on Amazon were third-party in 2014.

Here is a table with third-party sellers on Amazon over the years:

YearThird-party sellers percentage

Source: Statista

8. 35% Of The Sellers Are Selling Home And Kitchen Products On Amazon

Due to the high number of daily-use items sold, the most popular category among Amazon sellers is the home and kitchen.

More than 35% of the sellers decide to sell homeland kitchen products, while Beauty and personal care is the second most popular with 26% of sellers.

Here is a table showing the percentage of sellers with respect to categories on Amazon:

CategoryPercentage of sellers
Home & Kitchen35%
Beauty & Personal Care26%
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry20%
Toys & games18%
Health, Household & Baby Care17%
Sports & outdoors16%
Office Supplies13%

Source: Jungle Scout

Amazon Revenue Statistics

Due to the number of products, buyers, and sellers, Amazon is one of the most valued and esteemed brands of this age.

The global impact and hold on the market have largely contributed to generating revenue and huge sales for Amazon.

9.  Amazon Generated Over $554.02 Billion In Revenue In 2023

Amazon’s revenue in the third quarter of 2023 was reported to be 143.08 billion, which was a 12.57% increase year-over-year.

Experiencing a 10.32% increase in the last 12 months, Amazon generated around $554.02 billion in 2023.

Here is a table showing Amazon’s revenue over the years:

2023$554.02 billion
2022$513.98 billion
2021$469.82 billion
2020$386.064 billion
2019$280.52 billion
2018$232.87 billion
2017$177.86 billion

Source: Macro trends

10. Amazon Makes $1.4 Billion In Sales Per Day

Due to the huge number of users and constant ongoing transactions, Amazon receives over 66,000 orders every hour.

With the huge number of orders that take place, it is estimated that Amazon earns around $1.4 billion in sales daily.

With that calculation in mind, it is also estimated that Amazon makes around $16.3 million in sales per second.

Source: AMZ Scout

11. Amazon Web Services Generated Net Sales of $88 Billion in 2023

AWS was a kind of side hustle started by Amazon, which now contributes highly to Amazon’s revenue.

AWS is the world’s largest cloud computing service, accounting for around 32% of the global cloud market.

Amazon generated over $88 billion in revenue in 2023, a 10.14% increase from last year’s 79.1 billion.

Here is a table showing revenue generated by Amazon Web Services over the years:

YearAWS Revenue
2023$88 billion
2022$79.9 billion
2021$62.1 billion
2020$45.3 billion
2019$35 billion
2018$25.6 billion
2017$17.4 billion
2016$12.2 billion
2015$7.8 billion

Source: Statista

12. Amazon Ad Services Generated $12.6 Billion In Revenue In Q3 2023

Since Amazon’s advertising tools helped sellers, vendors, and brands reach customers during the competitive holiday season, the service generated a significant amount of revenue.

The ad services revenue experienced a 21% year-on-year increase, generating over $12.6 billion in the third quarter of 2023.

Here is a table showing ad service revenue generated over the years:

YearAd service revenue
Q3 2023$12.6 billion
Q2 2023$10.68 billion
Q1 2023$9.5 billion
2022$37.8 billion
2021$31.2 billion
2020$19 billion

Source: Jungle Scout

Amazon Market Share Statistics

Due to Amazon’s reliability and assurance, it has been a dominating force in the e-commerce market.
The e-commerce giant is trusted by millions of buyers and sellers, which has helped it capture an immense market share of the online ecommerce retail industry.

13. Amazon Has A 37.6% Market Share Of Online Retailers In The United States.

Amazon has seized the first spot in the ecommerce market, leaving competition way behind.

The online marketplace has 6 times the market share of Walmart, which is in second spot with 6.4% US ecommerce and online retail market share.

Amazon is set to have over 40% of the United States’ e-commerce market share in 2024.

Here is a table showing the market share of leading retail e-commerce companies in the United States:

CompanyMarket share
The Home Depot1.9%
Best Buy1.4%

Source: Statista

Amazon Prime Statistics

The variety and affordability of Amazon’s products attract millions of customers worldwide.

With over 600 million products listed on the platform, Amazon has a vast library of products from different categories.

14. There Are Over 200 Million Amazon Prime Members Around The World

Due to features like one-day free delivery, exclusive deals, and much more that Prime membership provides, there are more Prime members than non-prime members.

An average Amazon Prime member spends over $1,000 a year.

Amazon has doubled its Prime subscriber base with over 200 million users in 2020, and the number of Amazon Prime users is increasing at a rapid rate globally.

Here is a table with global Amazon Prime members over the years:

YearNumber of Prime users
2020200 million
2019150 million
2018125 million
2017100 million
201665 million

Source: Statista

15. The United States Has Over 171.8 Million Amazon Prime Subscribers In 2024

Comprising over 80% of users, the United States has the largest share of Amazon Prime subscribers globally.

From 25 million in 2013 to over 167 million in 2023, the number of Prime users in the US has increased by 568% in the last decade.

The number of United States Prime users is set to reach over 176.2 million in 2025.

Here are the Amazon Prime users in the United States over the years:

YearAmazon Prime Users
2025*176.2 million
2024171.8 million
2023167.2 million
2022163.5 million
2021159.8 million
2020146.1 million
2019124 million
2018112.1 million
201799.7 million
201665 million
201554 million

Source: eMarketer, Statista

16. Over 76 Million US Households Have Amazon Prime Subscriptions

With a 15% increase between the years 2019 and 2022, Amazon Prime subscriptions in the United States have increased gradually over the past few years.

In 2023, 61% of consumers have access to an Amazon Prime account, and 91% of them are expected to renew it for another year.

Here is a table with the number of households having Amazon Prime subscriptions over the years:

YearNumber of households with Prime subscription
202276.6 million
202174.4 million
202071.3 million
201966.4 million
201860.1 million

Source: Statista

17. Amazon Prime Day Sales Generated Over $12.9 Billion

Due to high price drops and offers on Amazon Prime Day, shoppers spend freely on the platform to stock up on their needs.

With the increased number of shoppers and sales, Amazon Prime Day generates a large revenue from the sales.

Generating $12.9 billion in 2023, the revenue from Amazon Prime Day has been increasing consistently over the past few years.

Here is a table showing revenue generated on Amazon Prime Day over the years:

YearPrime Day Revenue
202312.9 billion
202212 billion
202111.2 billion
202010.4 billion
20197.16 billion
20184.19 billion
20172.41 billion
20161.52 billion
20150.9 billion

Source: Statista

Significant Amazon Statistics

Here are some of the significant Amazon statistics you should know about.

18. Amazon Employs Over 1.5 Million People Globally In 2023

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and the company requires a large amount of workforce for it to run smoothly.

The number of people employed by Amazon reached over 1.6 million in 2021, and the graph has been declining since then. Amazon, being a corporate company, offers finance courses to its employees. You can also access these finance courses at a discount through cfi.coupons website, which offers exclusive coupons on the courses of CFI (Corporate Finance Institute).

Amazon also hires seasonal or temporary workers whenever needed.

Here is a table showing the number of people employed by Amazon over the years:

YearNumber of employees
20231.50 million
20221.54 million
20211.60 million
20201.29 million

Source: Statista

19. Amazon Operates In Over 100 Countries And Has 20 Marketplaces Worldwide

By deploying its services in multiple countries, Amazon has strengthened its hold on the global ecommerce market.

Amazon has specially curated marketplaces in 20 countries, including India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Source: Amazon

20. Amazon ships about 1.6 million packages each day

With millions of active customers and orders daily, Amazon needs to run constantly.

While it’s not possible to know exactly how many orders are placed every day, many reports have claimed that at the rate of processing 20 orders per second, Amazon ships nearly 1.6 million packages per day.

Source: AMZ Scout

21. Amazon Has Over 600 Offline Retail Stores 

Apart from a mighty online presence, Amazon is also working towards having an impact on the offline market.

The offline stores are Whole Foods stores, convenience stores, bookstores, and general merchandise stores.

Amazon also owns 400 of its own private-label brands.

Source: Practical ecommerce, AMZ Scout

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