Facebook Ads is Facebook’s online advertising program. The platform offers multiple advertising types across the Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger products. Due to the B2C relationship of Facebook, the tools allows eCommerce teams to drive brand and product awareness, as well as find more leads and buyers with an easy signup process.

Date Founded = 2004

Total Funding = $2.3B (Became a publicly traded company in 2012: FB)

HQ = Menlo Park, California

Total Employees = 50,000+


Return on Investment: 8.8/10

Ease of Use: 8.1/10

Features: 9.3/10

Support: 8.7/10

Scalability: 9.1/10

Reason for Our Rating

Even with several social platforms attempting to challenge the throne over the years, Facebook still has a massive grasp on the online social atmosphere. Their marketing suite has become an irreplaceable paid acquisition tool since almost every user on the site is browsing as a consumer of content and products. So basically they have a mindset of “show me something I’ll like.”

Your ads can be introduced in a variety of Facebook feeds and marketplaces, and each one has a chance to have exponential exposure if user began to interact with the piece. However maintaining these ads and company pages requires significant time, resources, and energy.

The Good

It’s A Wide World 1.5+ billion users utilize Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to give your ads the ultimate B2C playground.

Microtargeting Facebook allows you to dive deep into buyer personas with what feels like limitless options: Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Career, Hobbies, Networks, and much more..

Brand Awareness The Ad capabilities double as a away to drive brand and product awareness, and build anticipation for new launches with email signups.

The Bad

Upfront Creative Effort Not necessarily a complete negative, but Facebook campaigns will only be effective if there are strong videos and visuals. This takes time and talented designers.

Lower Quality Leads Since Facebook is a vast and open social network, the campaign’s reach and paid clicks could convert the wrong buyers without detailed audiences.

Social Animals Warning: People can comment on your ads. So you must be ready to handle these negative comments and make sure your credibility is not tarnished.


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