New updates and improvements to Yaguara.

Filter rows in your table visualizations

Filter table rows to show specific products, campaigns, ads, etc. by matching the dimension to any text you enter in the table settings.

Improvements when adding filters

We made some improvements to adding filters when using the metric selector making it quicker to fetch available filters and see which ones are enabled.

Show or hide the percentage change on report visualizations

Sometimes it's not necessary to report the percentage change from the last period so you now have the option of turning that off in Report visualizations by disabling the Show delta option in the settings.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Add a default Row Count metric to tables in AirTable
  • Improved performance for fetching filter options
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate activity feed items
  • Fixed an issue when searching for a user to assign an objective to
  • Fixed an issue validating AirTable metrics