Average Resolution Time

What is Average Resolution Time:

Average Resolution Time is metric that tells you on average how long it takes your eCommerce support efforts to resolve issues.

The data for this metric can be discovered in eCommerce helpdesk and support tools such as Zendesk.

How to calculate Average Resolution Time:

Calculating Average Resolution Time is pretty simple as long as you know your preferred range. Take the total time of all resolved conversation and then divide Then divide that number by the total number of resolved requests.


- In Yaguara Average Resolution Time can be tracked when creating a Key Result:

Why Average Resolution Time is Important:

While speed is a factor, the quality of care given after the request is received is what will ultimately resonate with the customer. Thus total time becomes more important.

Your team could have market-altering product, but without great customer service it will be tough to set your company apart from the competition and increase your Customer Lifetime Value. And with the rising competition for eCommerce teams metrics such as Average Resolution Time are becoming company-wide.

Average Resolution Time also can highlight your team’s efficiency. Analyzing this metric will show how your helpdesk is actually producing. You should also keep an eye on any trends you notice within this metric. If your time to resolution is increasing over time, you know something is wrong.

How to improve Average Resolution Time:

Quality control

Do a quality check to understand a more complete picture of performance other than the number of closed tickets. Doing this helps you know if you are meeting customers’ expectations, rather than trying to move on to the next issue. Checking NPS and other customer satisfaction factors can compliment this strategy.

Rep by rep

Dig into this individual numbers to get a more granular look at the data and know resolution by employee. This will allow you to see which team members are more efficient than others, and where you need more coaching and training.

Long-standing tickets

No matter how great the support, your team will eventually run into the complex tickets that will create skewed data. Either the ticker sat pending and was never answered; or it was never marked 'solved'. Make sure to filter and properly address these so the aggregated metrics are not off.

Top support tools

Provide an elite helpdesk, such as Gorgias or Zendesk, for an effective resolution strategy. Make sure to customize this support metric in the main ticket funnel.

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