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Creating an Aligned Team

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My name is Henry Davis. I'm founder and CEO of arfa.

On Creating an Aligned Team

I believe our job as entrepreneurs is to throw disproportionate talent and execution capability at problems that we identify. And the way to do that is obviously in part hiring and who you can get around the table, but then you've got to get the best out of those people, and the key to doing that is by having clear goals that you're trying to achieve.

You know, from the very high vision through strategy through to KPIs; that everyone understands what they are and why they are. Why those ones? Why do they matter? What do they show about what we're trying to achieve?

We ultimately are in the business of building brand and that's an irrational thing. That's not a very easy to measure - even if you ask people how they feel about brand - it's very hard. So if we can start to spot patterns and trends in customer behavior that gives us some sense of people's perception of our brand and our products, that's when we can start to have a disproportionate effect on the outcome.

And so understanding what those things are and how we can affect them and staying very close across the team, because everyone affects that outcome. We all need to therefore be very closely aligned in what we're trying to achieve and whether we are or are not achieving those things.

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