Shopify simplifies growing an online business across web, mobile, social media, and more easy. The Shopify + Yaguara integration gives your team a clear understanding of the key info coming from your online store, and how that ties into the larger objective.

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Why integrate Shopify with Yaguara?

  • Keep all goals tied to the major objective of a 25% increase in quarterly revenue
  • Rethink your checkout strategy if your conversion rate falls out of the healthy range
  • Make a last second push on an upcoming winter line item to meet the goal of doubling gross sales

Available Metrics

  • Orders
  • Gross sales
  • Net sales
  • Customers
  • Orders per customer
  • # of items purchased
  • Avg. order value
  • Refunds
  • Discounts
  • Abandoned checkouts
  • # of returns per 1,000 orders
  • Avg. time to re-order
  • any many more...

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