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On His Professional Journey

I started a company called Hugh & Crye back in 2009, early 2010. Hugh and Crye is a men's clothing brand.

As the Co-Founder of Hugh & Crye, I oversaw the executive positions; so looking at all the business fundamentals from accounting, finance, to the overall health, customers and operations. So, overseeing the logistics of how many orders need to be fulfilled, to how many customers need to be responded to, but then also a lot of the internal hiring and seeing the entire culture and hiring and seeing the entire culture and hiring processes.

And I ran that for about six to seven years, then stepped out to take on a path to coaching, so was an executive coach and a business consultant. My latest journey now lands me at Yaguara, so I'm the GM of East Coast operations helping Yaguara expand out of Denver into the East Coast.

On Habits that Led to Phil's Success

The professional accomplishment that I am most proud of is probably starting Hugh & Crye, and running that as a profitable business - you know being extremely cash-strapped and not paying ourselves for the first two years was an extremely hard and difficult process in general, so getting through that helped me learn quite a bit.

How I was spending my time needed to be really focused rather than sort of scattered all over the place, so that's something that I've really adopted since that time. Really focusing on one thing at a time; communication with one person, like when I'm in a meeting being fully present has really helped me a lot.

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