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Team Alignment and High-Level Metrics

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On Team Alignment and High-Level Metrics

In my experience, both consulting and running my own business, it's really easy to set those top-line metrics and then forget about them. What's important with these metrics is that everyone is on the same page about them and that everyone knows how their individual roles roll up into the-high level metrics.

By doing that you're empowering, and people just feel more engaged in their day-to-day work, because they can see the outcome of how it affects the entire business as a whole. It's really part discipline, part attitude. And in that, I mean a very simple discipline of having a meeting agenda around specific metrics and alignment. That's half the battle. And the other one is having people just naturally be curious and want to talk about them and see how their roles and how their day-to-day activities roll
up into that. And so, as much as a company and as much as a team can be disciplined around specific metrics and that context, the more it'll be talked about and the
more it will be shared within the company. It's very simple, there's nothing no secret sauce to it.

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