The eCommerce Stack - August 2019 Update

J.D. Crabtree
August 11, 2021
Tools & Tech

The eCommerce Stack is a consistently updated resource to always provide relevant information on which tools can help you today, so you can grow better tomorrow.


We made two new additions to The eCommerce Stack this month. You can dive into both below:

Multiorders (Multichannel)

PayPal (Billing)

Trending Up

Magento (+0.1)

Adobe, Magento’s parent company, launches its “headless commerce” offering that streamlines continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes and empowers customers to realize quick and agile iterations of their codebase. Now merchants of all sizes can deploy new features to production many times a day, allowing them to react to changing customer needs at speed and scale.

Intercom (+0.1)

Intercom, while not being an exclusive eCommerce offering, rolled out three impressive feature updates that any savvy team could utilize:

Articles Pro

Custom Bots

Inbox Workflows

Kustomer (+0.1)

Kustomer continues to move upstream with their revamped reporting module and chat logic. It is also important to not their recent uptick in engineering resources to build enterprise offerings due to their $40M Series D funding.

AdRoll (+0.1)

AdRoll continues to distance itself from the pure retargeting platforms with another round of impressive feature updates. The two that stuck out the most to the Yaguara team and customers are enhanced location-based targeting and the introduction of running lookalike campaigns alongside retargeting efforts.

Mixpanel (+0.1)

Mixpanel introduces query-time sampling to help teams move away from the bad side effects of ingestion-time sampling. For the meticulous eCommerce teams, this update will allow for further tracking per user, storage of said data, and the ability to query it on demand.

Trending Down

Facebook Ads (-0.1)

Facebook Ads saw a strong 2018 and first quarter of 2019, but eCommerce teams are disgruntled with rising conversion and click bids. In addition the platform is asking teams to become too meticulous, causing teams to spend hours fact-checking and verifying, in order to run simple campaigns.

Sprout Social (-0.1)

With tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite continuing to roll out eCommerce-related feature updates, Sprout Social has slipped in the functionality race for the growing industry.

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